How to Pick the Right Warm-Up Jackets for Your Team

Whether you’re in a cheerleading squad or a dance team, getting the right warm-up jackets will help you focus on the success of your team. In most cases, the options you’ll find in stores may not be the right fit. Plus, they may not meet the specific preferences your team has. For that reason, it’s best to get customized jackets that will give your squad a distinctive look.

In this article, we’re going to share some tips for picking the ideal jackets for your team. Read on to learn more.

1. Consider the Fabric

As a dancer or a cheerleader, you want something comfortable and lightweight for your practice. Therefore, fabric is an important element when shopping for the right jackets for your team. In this case, you want to opt for jackets made from velvet fabric. A jacket with a soft feel on the inside will work just fine.

Make sure the fabric features vibrant dye-sublimated graphics that are resistant to peeling or cracking. Ideally, the jackets need to be thin and lightweight to support your movements and range of motion. Most people love options made from synthetic fibers for their strength, durability, and breathability.

2. Look at the Features

One thing with warm-up jackets is that you can wear them while traveling or during cold weather practice. As such, you need an option that has various features to meet your needs during such occasions. For example, a jacket with a standing collar will help to keep warm air in and cool air out, allowing you to stay warm all the time.

You may also consider picking a jacket with raglan sleeves, which extend in one piece to the collar. This type of sleeve allows for convenient movement of your arm. If you want to carry your keys or keycard, go for a jacket with deep hidden pockets to keep all your personal items safe. Also, ensure the jacket is a loose fit for ample layering of your practice gear.

3. Waterproofing

You also need something that is adaptable to the weather when it suddenly changes. Most jackets are usually made with waterproof or water-resistant fabric. A jacket with a rating of 1,500mm to 5,000mm will make an excellent option for light to average rain. Also, check the seams to ensure they’re taped.

Some jackets usually come with DWR finish to repel water. It requires some maintenance to retain its property. Otherwise, the finish will wear off over time, rendering the jacket ineffective in repelling water. So, take the time to identify a lightweight yet waterproof jacket that will protect you from the rain. You can also order custom warm up jackets from MoveU to get options that best suit your team.

4. Breathability

Dance and cheerleading performances are usually intense with a lot of sweating. A jacket that’s not breathable will get you knocked out quickly. Typically, practice or performances involve aerobic exercises that will cause you to sweat. Even if you don’t sweat much, your body still releases moisture and heat.

Don’t get jackets that are massively waterproof as that tends to incapacitate the property of breathability. This is because a densely layered jacket will restrict airflow. Instead, find a jacket with excellent ventilation design. In this case, you want to pay attention to the material or fabric type, and synthetic fibers are some of the favourite options. Also, an addition of mesh or breathable panels can be quite helpful.

Getting the right team uniform helps to give your team a sense of uniqueness and style. If the options available in stores are not entirely appealing, you can choose to get custom warm-up jackets. This way, you can personalize the back and front, and pick colors that will give your squad an ideal look.

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