Win One of 5 Evodia Victoria Rose Skin Care Packs

Keep your skin feeling nourished with Evodia’s Australian owned and made range of indulgent fragrance, bath and body care collection.

Faithful to its distinct heritage, the range embraces native fruits and flowers, hand selected from key regions for their alluring fragrances.

Evodia Australia’s formulations have been improved and its packaging refreshed by Australian Botanical Artist Edith Rewa reflecting the beautiful fragrances in a modern aesthetic.

Evodia Australia has five Victoria Rose skin care packs to give away, valued at $94.75 each. Each includes a Body Mist, Roll-On Fragrance, Hand Cream, Hand & Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion.

Stockist enquiries: or 1300 364 515

For your chance to win, tell us in the comments section below why you want to try the new Victoria Rose collection from Evodia.

Competition closes 25/01/16 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner.

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– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
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121 thoughts on “Win One of 5 Evodia Victoria Rose Skin Care Packs

  1. Would so love to try this selection of Evodia products I think the packaging is beautiful very feminine looking and being an australian owned and made the ingredients will be top notch

  2. I love the scent of rose. Not only does it smell feminine, romantic and fresh, it has a calming effect on the senses. Rose is a fragrance that is subtle yet endearing and makes me feel attractive.

  3. I would love the scent of the Evodia Victoria Rose collection to whisk me away from the awfulness of my Christmas Day. A present to relax my body and clear my mind.

  4. I would love to try this rose collection.. after already being lucky enough to try the spearmint hand wash, I know it would be a sure thing!

  5. I love the smell of roses and i love Australian brand products Evodia Victoria Rose gift pack would certainly be a delight for me.

  6. Thank you to all who make it possible for others to enter… Yes I grew up with the scent of roses, growing, and it is one I think that stays with you, so should love to be entered with maybe a chance of winning… thank you all…

  7. Evodia always meant CLOSE TO NATURE for me! This new ROSE collection from them will mean CLOSER TO HEART because it will remind me of my childhood memories! Me and my grandmother used to collect rose petals from our garden to make a Rosewater.
    I still can feel that smell when I think of that olden days!!

  8. I love rose scented products and am looking for a new signature scent for the new year – Evodia’s Victoria Rose collection would be perfect!

  9. Looking forward positively to 2017 with only two more chemo. sessions to go and then being able to visit family in Victoria with rose gardens instead of the proposed Christmas visit. EVODIA Victoria Rose Skin Care pack- perfect pampering, fragranced with my favourite perfume.

    1. Jill-Anne, I do so hope you get one of the Evodia Rose packs. I also hope you are able to be truly positive about 2107 after your chemotherapy. It isn’t a lot of fun but if the end result is positive it’s worth it. Wishing you all the very, very best.

  10. The floral bouquet, the aromatic scent
    Truly makes my heart content
    The hint of romance, euphoria, joy
    That feminine touch of my body convey
    My skin’s elation, softness to touch
    Victoria Rose bringing contentment much
    When my skin feels supple, my heart soars
    For that sense of pleasure we all adore.

  11. Its my favorite scent and at the moment I have it burning in my electric burner I got for Christmas. I’d love to put Victoria rose on my body as well.

  12. Beautiful, feminine, kind to sensitive noses
    Floral fragrance of Victorian Roses
    Something special to enjoy, just for me
    Packaged in gorgeous Australian artisty
    I’d live to try this Evodia bath & body set
    I have a feeling it would be something I’d never forget!

  13. These beautiful feminine Evodia products will make me feel like a Perfectly Pampered Princess… a Gorgeous Glowing Goddess… a Luxuriously Lucky Lady!

  14. Tired of rough, scaly skin,
    Seeking to love the body I’m in!
    Soft, silky lotions aromatic to the nose….
    Would see this crocodile become Victorian Rose!

  15. My Grandmother had many varieties of roses in her garden. Their perfumes are flooded with precious memories. All just so beautiful. I love that Evodia gives us delicious, quality Australian products.

  16. My post-menopausal skin has lost its elasticity and its “glow”. I’d love to use this to rejuvenate my skin and make me feel good about it again.

  17. There’s something about feminine packaging that is instantly suggestive of a gentle quality product that will improve both physical and emotional wellbeing. That’s why I would like to try it!

  18. Roses evoke such old memories: passionate assignations, desire, romance and love. (And days of innocence: granny’s constant vase of summer roses on her kitchen table).
    I’d love to try the new Evodia range and create new memories.

  19. My preferred choice is always Australian made products. How delightful to start the new year with a matching set of body care products. Something I havent had since my honeymoon in 1968 when I had a set of Blue Grass.

  20. I love that Evodia is Australian made and owned and uses Australian botanicals. The Victoria Rose collection is a modern classic that evokes fond memories spent in the Australian outdoors with my Mother. It represents our strong bond to perfection. The perfect scent to be cherished forever, transforming body, mind and home into beautiful memories.

  21. as i love how the smell lingers around you all day long, makes me feel fresh and feminine all whilst being moisturised and pampered

  22. I really think the classic fragrances stand the test of time, and being a collector of roses in my garden ( about 30 different ones at last count), this would be the perfect me gift. But I would have to be careful in the garden after layering all these wonderful products the bees might want to visit me

  23. I love loses so much that I even named one of my daughters Briar Rose.
    Evodia products are wonderful quality so i know the scent this range holds will be amazing.

  24. Capturing the elegance and femininity of roses, Evodia Victoria Rose is on my must try list. Rich and nourishing, filled with Australian premier ingredients, made locally and evocative of a flourishing garden in spring, nothing says romance quite like the scent of roses. Bring on the feminine me and let the romance follow.

  25. I absolutely adore the scent of rose. It’s delicious and soft, feminine and pretty. I’d love to try out this gorgeous set.

  26. Rose is such a gentle, feminine scent, and yet roses can be thorny and defensive when needed – just like me! I’d like to try this range because it sounds beautiful, it looks beautiful, and it’s Australian owned – three important characteristics in anything that winds up in my bathroom.

  27. Not only will it moisturise my dry parched old woman hands, but the nice fragrance will mask the smell of baby vomit and saliva on my hands.

  28. I love Australian products and Victorian Roses remind me of my Grandparents and Great Aunties gardens and their wonderful memories.

  29. I adore the scent of rose. It brings back such lovely memories of visiting my Great Gran she has a beautiful little rose garden next to the front steps of the family homestead. These were her one little luxury as my Great Grandparents had a Dairy and in those days, the Dairy was everything and a rose garden frivolous.
    Evodia Victorian Rose Skin Care Packs, being Australian Made is a huge bonus, and the packaging is lovely, soft and feminine.

  30. Evodia care pack please be mine to make me look and feel divine. Rose scent makes my spirit fly and calms my soul as the days go by. I’d love this scent wrapped around me id feel gorgeous, happy and so carefree!

  31. Moved far away from brothers girlfriend, who is a beautician, meaning I actually have to sort out my own beauty routine for the first time in a decade!

  32. Roses,
    Romance, love, softness, memories, beauty, peaceful, elegance.
    Just some of the things that come to mind when you smell roses or anything with a wonderful rose scent.
    A bit of luxury on my hands and a roll-on-fragrance to make me smell nice. Hope others will smell me and have nice thoughts when I go near them.

  33. I adore Evodia, and Rose is my signature scent. Why have I not already tried this!!! I am truly going to fall in love with this collection, I can feel it in my bones.

  34. Firstly, I’ve never used Evodia products, secondly, I’ve so many good reviews about Evodia that I just have to try them, and thirdly, the scent of rose takes me back to my Grandmother’s English garden, – so many memories……….So this is why I would love to try Evodia Victoria Rose Skin Care.

  35. The Victoria Rose collection from Evodia will captivate our hearts
    Femininity, elegance and individual character; dearly part
    Expressionism which enlightens a wondrously gorgeous glow
    Thanks to beauty and lace, we would proudly show.

  36. Our body is our temple. Evodia recognise this and make quality products that allow us to pamper and care and beautify our temples,

  37. I am a newcomer to the Evodia range and have been working my way through all the scents. My favourite so far is the Frangipani. After receiving a some more for christmas the Victoria rose and one other were the only ones not included. So a chance to get a set would be fantastic.

  38. I would love to share this with a beautiful lady I know that has helped me by just having someone to talk to, funnily enough I met her while she was walking past and I was actually cutting back some roses and other plants. She actually walks up to cook her mum lunch and tea and helps her with showering and cleans for her, She also cares for her sister who is very ill and catches a bus a few times a week to visit her and be with her up at the hospital, I just think she is a guardian angel and deserves the world.

  39. I would love this prize for my Mum. She is nearly 80 but prides herself in a neat appearance and like me, she loves the old fashioned fragrances such as roses and lavender.

  40. The scent of rose is timeless. I love my Evodia products, but I haven’t tried any of this fragrance family as yet.

  41. What a beautiful collection of rose scented skin care products! I would love to win for a friend who has been doing it tough lately as she loves rose scented lotions.

  42. I really love roses. Ever since I was a little girl I always stopped to smell the roses in the garden. The beauty and scent of this flower is captivating. It would be a pleasure to try these pretty Evodia products.

  43. My teenage daughter’s name is Zoe Rose, and I love to give her special “rose” surprises. The Victoria Rose skincare pack would be perfect for her next surprise.

  44. On the last weekend of the month my girlfriends and I enjoy a home spa day where we all bring our favourite products and indulge. I would absolutely love to bring these amazing Evodia products to share with my best friends!

  45. When I need to “take a deep breath and count to ten”
    The scent of Victoria Rose will take me to a calming place of zen!

  46. This sounds divine – like a garden breeze.
    If I was lucky enough to win this, I would share it with my elderly mother who adores her garden. Thank you for the chance.

  47. I’ve always loved the rose fragrance .
    A well known product
    That leaves you feeling n smelling like a rose amoung the thorns

  48. The scent of roses always reminds me of my childhood and spending time in my grandmothers garden having tea. As my grandmother is no longer here winning this range would be a great way to bring back wonderful memories while keeping me smelling classy and elegant.

  49. I smell roses through rose coloured glasses because i love roses they smell so devine, my nose loves smelling roses especially when its me smelling like a rose. Evodia Ausrtalia has maded the perfect Victoria rose skin care pack just for me I know it (roses coloured glasses again), its all about me and roses.

  50. Love Evodia Products since a friend got me onto this great brand recently and to win the Evodia Victoria Rose Skin Care Pack to try and being able to smell like roses all over my body all day instead of sweat with this heatwave would be a god send.

  51. It would be a gorgeous treat after a stressful start to 2017. My skin is telling me to take care of it amongst other things.

  52. It’s as pretty as a picture on the outside – this would look lovely on my bathroom bench – I see it is thanks to the artwork of a professional Botanical Artist (Edith Rewa), and it shows!

  53. After years of using the same fragrance, I’m looking for a new signature scent…..especially since I’m now single. I threw the old perfume out with my ex-husband hehehe

  54. Skin care products are something I still experiment with. Looking for that perfect one for smell, feel, consistency etc. Would love to add this into my testing, who knows, I may love it for eternity.

  55. The Evodia Victoria Rose Skin Care Pack ticks all the boxes, natural, Australian and nourishing. I have been reading of the benefits of rose in beauty products and this would be the perfect pack for me to take on holidays later in the year.

  56. Australian-made Evodia’s products, are naturally refreshing and divine.
    And their romantically styled Victoria Rose is a collection I’d love to make mine!
    It ticks all the boxes for me being gentle and classically fresh.
    Like a summer garden in full bloom,
    Victoria Rose is femininity at its best!

  57. l would love to win this gorgeous selection of Evodia Products , these look absolutely beautiful and this is such a beautiful and traditional scent

  58. EVODIA…VICTORIA ROSE – went and reread what its all about and a huge stir of excitement hit me…my favourite words ‘hands, body, fragrance’!

  59. Evodia’s Victoria Rose collection sounds deliciously fragrant and would be the perfect way for me to stop and smell the roses.

  60. 2017 is going to be a new ME. Having a very bad 2016 last year. It’s time to have/gain a NEW ME. So trying the new EVODIA. VICTORIA ROSE would be fantastic and to have a lovely silky smooth skin and just to pamper myself

  61. Now the kids have flown the coop, I have tossed out their many concoctions. I can now have my own personal beauty products and Victoria Rose collection from Evodia is my product of choice.

  62. I would love to have this range because Evodia uses top natural ingredients that soften and hydrate the skin.This is a truly feminine and romantic collection that would look great on my dressing table and remind me of a rose garden in full bloom from the gorgeous soft lingering scent.

  63. There’s no better feeling than to feel fresh and clean with a moisturising gorgeous scent, it makes you feel like an angel, heaven sent!

  64. Rose is the sweetest fragrance on earth, I could sit and smell roses all day long. To walk around smelling like a rose would be wonderful. p.s. Roses are red, roses are pink, roses smell sweet, best scent I think.

  65. I love the smell of roses and i love Australian brand products Evodia Victoria Rose gift pack would certainly be a nice treat for me

  66. Oh My God, how feminine do these products look. I think I am in love, My skin will definitely love me when i use these. The fragrance, well roses that’s all you need to say.

  67. who wouldn’t love to try this??!!!
    It’s looks absolutely beautiful!
    It smells of rose!
    It’s made from quality products!
    It will make your skin look, smell and feel amazing!
    And an australian product!

  68. I love roses and think this range would be lovely my nana always smelled lovely of roses this would be a lovely way of reminding me daily of her

  69. I love Evodia products they are absolutely beautiful. Rose scent is so traditional and everyone’s favourite. I always remember my nan wearing this when I was a kid , brings back memory’s. I would love to win this beautiful set to smell like Roses all day everyday

  70. The exquisite Victoria Rose collection from Evodia will captivate our hearts amidst a beautifully inspirational kaleidoscope of femininity, individuality and empowerment beloved/part.

  71. I love the smell of roses and my favourite perfume from lush has now been discontinued. Hopefully this will fill that gaping void!

  72. To be honest, I haven’t used anything as lovely as the Evodia skin care for years and maybe, just maybe for once I would feel like a special girl with a scent of roses!! 🙂 Thank you!

  73. Victoria Rose Skincare by
    E vodia are the
    V ery products I would love to try for the
    O verall body wash
    D esiring
    I mpressive
    A ustralian made trustworthy products. The hand creams, lotions and fragrances all help to turn back the ravages of time

  74. Victorian Rose makes me think of my lovely Nanna who went without many things but always smelt like roses. It’s been a long time since she passed but I’d love to be reacquainted with her through scent.

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