Ways Your Skin Changes as You Age

The one thing in life that remains constant is change. Every day is a little different than the day before. Some people come into our lives while others go. The seasons change. Our likes and dislikes may even change. As dermatologists are aware, even our skin changes as we age. Our hormones, our diets and our stress levels all contribute to our skin’s condition. Here are some ways your skin may change as you age.

You May Be Prone to Breaking Out

  • A frequent problem during your 20s and sometimes even your 30s, hormonal changes can cause skin to produce more oils, resulting in larger pores, blackheads and breakouts. After cleansing your face, be certain to use both toner and a gel moisturizer. If you use a cream moisturizer, your skin could be more prone to breaking out, but no moisturizer at all is just as bad for your skin. If you don’t carefully balance the moisture in your face, your skin could work overtime to replenish the oils lost in cleansing, which will result in your face being even oilier.

Your Skin May Become More Sensitive

  • As some people age, their skin becomes more sensitive, resulting in rosacea, eczema or breakouts. If your skin has become more sensitive, consider changing your skin care routine to include cleansers and moisturizers made for sensitive skin.


Your Skin Will Be Dryer

  • In your 40s, you’ll notice that your skin is thinner and dryer and that lines on your face become more pronounced. If you’re not already using a night cream on your face before bed, this is a good time to start.

You May Develop Age Spots

  • Although doctors don’t always know what causes age spots, they do know that they can be caused by both sun exposure and other types of UV exposure, such as tanning beds. Age spots happen when the body makes too much melanin, resulting in darker spots and splotches on common areas such as hands, arms and faces.

You May Get Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

  • Dark undereye circles are a common occurrence in aging skin. If dark undereye circles are bothering you, consult with either your doctor or a dermatologist to discuss your options. The best dark circle ingredient will greatly improve the look of dark undereye circles and sunken skin, making you feel more youthful in a short amount of time.

Your Skin Will Get Wrinkles

  • Although wrinkles are a common sign of aging, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to make your face appear wrinkle free for as long as possible. Taking good care of your skin, cleansing gently, eating a balanced diet high in antioxidants and applying sunscreen every day are all things you can do to give your skin the boost it needs to look young and healthy.

As always, if you notice a change in your skin that seems unusual to you, don’t hesitate to contact a dermatologist to rule out skin cancer. While skin cancer is a serious concern, it can almost always be treated successfully if caught in the early stages.

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