Win a VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Straightening Brush


This new time-busting straightener is all you need to create perfect salon styling results. It allows you to not only straighten without sacrificing body and bounce but it also dries your hair at the same time. No other straightening brush offers this convenience or these results and it works on even the most hard to straighten hair!

straightening brush


To achieve a professional finish, section your hair and then simply run the VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush through each section until your hair is dry. It works on all hair lengths; short, medium and long The brush features ionic conditioning for shiny frizz free results, a detangling comb and two rows of advanced ceramic plates for ultimate straightener results. It also comes with a choice of four different settings so you can easily adjust for your hair type.
RRP: $62.95. 2 Year Warranty

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To win tell us in the comments section below why you need a VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush!

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– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
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276 thoughts on “Win a VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Straightening Brush

  1. I personally don’t need this but my daughter does she has horrible curly hair which she hates always wanted straight hair so this being a brush would be easy for her to use

  2. The VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush offers loads of amazing features. It can get very annoying when having to blow dry my hair completely dry before I use my actual hair straightener that does not have any particular settings making it too hot for my hair causing breakage.
    I’m absolutely loving the wet and dry feature making it the perfect styling tool for when I’m out of time.
    Easy to use products is something I long for with hair tools and the
    VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush looks super easy to use with fabulous looking results to follow.

  3. What a great idea for someone like me to be able to straighten my unacceptable curls whilst drying my unruly hair what a blessing for someone like me

  4. Everytime I have to wash my thick hair you will see me groan as it is so time consuming first drying my hair and then straightening it plus using so many products at the same time.

    What a great idea of two in one product that would be much easier to tame my thick, frizzy hair so I can get out of the door quicker.

  5. Although I love my curly hair it is nice to have a change and straighten it. A VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Straightening brush would be perfect for getting that stylish straight look without having to first blow dry my frizz and then spend a frustrating hour trying to straighten all those kinks out of it. What a time saver and less of a hair damager it would be to have a VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Straightening brush!

  6. Ann Bleasdale to be able to achieve straight hair without the hassle of using different hair tools would be better for less hair breakage and convenience as we age hair is more fragile so to achieve a style one want would be an advantage, not something I can afford to buy would be a luxury

  7. You only need to see my hair to understand why I need this VS Wet & Dry Straightening Brush so bad. It’s so frizzy and curly and out of control, I need something like this to really take hold.

  8. I need a VS Wet & Dry Straightening Brush because I’ve never had the luxury of owning something so versatile that I would happily use every day, it would make straightening my hair, fun again! 🙂

  9. Ohmygollygosh I so need this as my hair is so feral and wild and unmanageable in the morning that I always need to wet it and it’s not nice going to work at 5.00 am with wet hair and I never have time but this would be amazing as I could use it on my damp hair and go to work looking far more glamorous than a drowned cold rat 🙁

  10. I cannot seem to beat the frizz, l have fine long limp yet frizzy hair… It drives me crazy. I have seen these brushes on Facebook and have been coveting them as l cannot afford to buy myself one at the moment.. Mean while everyday is a bad hair day. Good luck everyone. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  11. You know the wooly sheep/curly haired girl meme? Yup, that’s me *sigh. I rarely leave my bedroom without the 20 minute daily ritual to attempt the unkinking (is that even a word?) of my crinkle cut hair. I might even get to sleep in a little longer if I won this baby. Happy hair days coming my way…..keeping everything crossed anyway. Good luck lovely ladies

  12. I’m KNOT sure how to answer that, but I really need this VS Sassoon prize. It will help BRUSH off bad hair days. Without the straightening brush, I would CURL up and DYE!!

  13. My hair has a mind of it’s own and if it were diagnosed it who be either Disruptive Behaviour Disorder or Intermittent Explosive Disorder. I need some means of gaining control and the VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush sounds perfect.

  14. I wear my hair up daily as I don’t have a straightener anymore………..and it looks awful. If your hair looks nice, you feel good about yourself and more confidence. Right now all I can do it pull it back.

  15. Half the time I don’t have time to blow dry, and between getting myself and 3 kids ready, I need something that’s going to make styling a breeze!

  16. I never have time to straighten my hair, I can just about make time to dry it so this would make life so much easier!

  17. I wish I could attach a picture and show you why I need this. I have crazy thick, frizzy, curly hair that I HAVE to attempt to straighten every time I wash it so I resemble a normal person!

  18. I don’t need this but my daughter would love it, she likes to straighten her hair and she’s been going through a hard time at the moment, it would be nice for her to get something nice

  19. For perfect, salon styled hair, all day, every day, without the hefty hairdresser fee for doing what I can now do myself 🙂

  20. No more frizz, fluff or as my darling husband calls the frizzies and flyaways, ‘Head Muff’!!! Just gorgeous, sleek tresses that I dream about.

  21. I want to have perfect hairir that is is sleek and glossy and not out of place. I need a miracle like this straightening brush

  22. I need sleek glossy and perfect hair. To have that I will need a miracle which is this straightening brush. I could pretend i’m a celebrity1

  23. I would love to walk out my house drop my boys off to school with beautiful straight hair that doesnt take 3 hours to do be the envy to other mums lol

  24. I need this because I’m a single mum that works full time and my hair is very curly and fine and I get mega knots and it can take half an hour to comb the knots out then I have to dry and straighten my hair which takes about 30 mins so it can take an hour to do my hair so I try to get away with washing my hair twice a week

  25. My daughter would love it she at that age now where she is trying new things and trying to find her self this would be great to let her acheive this. And i need a giggle see if she can get her hair straight

  26. What a way to start the day ….sleek and straight …. A girls dream …. A better way to face life’s challenges

  27. 4 kids, 3 different schools…I am constantly struggling for time to make my hair look decent before work

  28. Have downsized my life by reducing clutter and this would b the perfect way to downsize my bathroom accessories…and look fabulous while doing it!

  29. Working and studying full time makes it hard to look after my frizzball I call hair. I’m unable able to do my hair without slightly straightening some part of it as it is super curly and frizzy and I can’t really present myself nicely without some sort of heat added to it. This would be perfect to get on with my day and stress less about my hair!

  30. I would love to win this, I have arthritis and anything that reduces the time spend with my arom up doing my hair is a great benefit. I am sure my unruly hair would appreciate it too

  31. Wow. This would halve my morning routine time and would mean I could get to work on time for a change.

  32. I would love a VS Sasson wet a dry straightening brush, as offen leave the house looking like a tornado styled my hair. I would love to be a stylish mum for a change not the mum who’s hair lookes like the cat used it as a scratching post.

  33. I have naturally wavey hair prone to frizz… I spend so much time straightening that it has become more like a chore than a beauty routine.Id love a VS Sassoon wet & dry straightening brush! Easy & convenient way to get ready makes life a whole lot easier & frees up time to do other things.

  34. I need this VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightener because the only way to hide my random flyaway and my husband calls them my ‘devil’s horns’ so this would really help hide them.

  35. I really dislike having to dry my hair and then use the straightener especially as my hair is getting longer- far too time consuming. This VS Wet & Dry brush is what I’ve been waiting for all my life!

  36. I have straight hair which is fine and totally lacking in volume. My scalp is slightly oily which only adds to my woes! I have to use a ton of product to achieve any results but I think the VS Sassoon West & Dry Straightening Brush may be the answer to my ‘Deb with the good hair’ dreams!

  37. My hair is curly and frizzy, this would make my hair look wonderful and straight so that i can actually brush through it

  38. 4am work starts mean there isn’t the time for a complicated morning routine, a two in one product is EXACTLY what i NEED

  39. I’m often washing my hair at the last minute before going out and end up doing a quick blow dry which leaves my hair boofy. It ends up going into a pony tail to try an tame it. This is the perfect brush/dryer/straightener for a busy Mum of three who still likes to look her best.

  40. Wow how much time I could save if I had this little beauty, dry and straighten my hair so quickly and easily in the morning before I start my busy day, yes please.

  41. OMG I need this to tame what can truly be called a catastrophe mop of hair that I fight every day. I’m slowly loosing the battle to frizz and thickness and I’m desperate for sleek smooth hair.

  42. My hair is a frizzy mess,
    looks like I couldn’t care less.
    An easy tool for wet and dry,
    Would make me really want to try.

  43. I really need this to help me tame my crazy hair. Some parts are wavy and some straight?? I am terrible with a straightening iron, so this would be ideal for me to use. Thanks for the chance.

  44. Great product I would love to try as have been dreaming of this easy process from wet to dry and straight for years.

  45. Daughter in tears, cant get her hair to sit ‘right’ and nobody understands! Sigh, I think I may have a year before this is a regular scene at my place but with three girls there is no guarantee that I have that long!

    Imagine the delight when my daughter/s are in this predicament, in tears and all seems lost, and dad has hidden in the man cave. But wait, here comes mum with Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening brush! Her eyes widen as she takes in the instrument of her salvation, a look passes between mum and daughter and all is good in the world. Another save by mum!

    Please let me be the mum in this story and be there to save the day!

  46. My hair takes so long to dry and to try and straighten it as well is exhausting and tedious, so I give up, so I’ve had the Sasson Wet & Dry Straightening brush on my Wishlist since it first came onto the market.

  47. A quick and convenient straightening brush. Perfect for when I’m in a rush. Turn my wavy hair straight and frizz free. It would make my life so easy!

  48. With my beautiful 11 month old baby girl to look after my poor hair has been neglected I would love to win this prize to help me feel good again!

  49. My hair routine takes about two hours! From the moment I get out of the shower. Lots of blow drying and straightening. It’s a chore I’m always dreading! I need something easy to use that’s quick. And won’t make my hair look like I stuck it in an electrical socket! Smooth, frizz free hair with lots of shine. The VS brush won’t require lots of time!

  50. my granddaughter would love this great prize for her upcoming birthday as she is always adjusting her hair

  51. I would love to have straight, voluminous, and smooth hair in just minutes. With over 800 watts of drying power you can be sure to create a much desired finish.

  52. I have extremely long and thick hair and I look like something out of a horror movie when it frizzes everywhere. I’d love to have the VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush to make my locks look shiny and lush, saves me time and makes doing my hair fun instead of a nightmare.

  53. VS Sassoon is such an iconic brand and I would LOVE to win this wet and dry straightening brush to tame my ultra thick hair (that takes SO long to dry & style) because I trust this brand will deliver what it promises! 😉

  54. When it comes to hair styling I need all the help I can get. I’d like to suggest that the next model is able to download hairstyles off the internet that then get applied to my hair when I use it.

  55. need all the help I can get my hair is horrible on a daily basis, the only thing that saves it is I wear a hat to work this would be awesome for when I go out and want to look good without frizz and crappy hair YAY

  56. Unruly is the word that comes to mind when thinking of my hair. It’s frizz prone, and I’ve got loads of it.
    Id love to see my hair shine with the VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening brush, while maintaining its good health

  57. I would love one of these so much as I like to style my hair and this tool would make the job quicker and alot easier to use

  58. I’d love to win because a few months ago I visited a new hair salon. I’ve been gradually getting more and more greys but I was at one with them and them with me! However, my new stylist waved his hands in the air at the sight of them announcing to the world, “Oh Darling, you’re too young for those signs of wisdom!” and convinced me to colour my hair.
    I HATE IT! It’s the wrong colour (although it has lightened – thank God), it feels dry and when I wake up in the morning every strand is separated from the other and they’re all sticking up and out in all directions, like I’ve been electrocuted during my sleep! I’m even too scared to use the hair dryer in case I make it even more brittle. I’m thinking of finding a new use for my hair dryer to cheer myself up by sitting in my parked car and pointing the hairdryer at passing cars to see if they slow down!! Ha, ha!

  59. Time! I never have enough of it. Our mornings are a whirlwind spent getting my kids and myself ready to leave the house and that’s exactly what I look like I’ve been through when I walk out the door. With the VS Sassoon Wet and Dry straightening brush I’ll be able to look like I’ve walked straight out of a salon instead. The other mums at school drop off are going to be so jealous!

  60. Having curly hair all my life I have spend a lot of money in hair salons getting my hair straightened. It will be great to win the VS wet & dry straightening brush so I can do it myself at home

  61. I have naturally curly hair ,love to own this brush give my hairstyle a change by having it straight .cut out a lot of blow-drying time.

  62. Always in a rush
    Don’t have time to straighten ,dry and brush
    VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush
    will make me look lush

  63. With frizzy out of control curls it would be a blessing to be able to control them immediately after my shower, drying as it tames and gives me a salon finish everyday.

  64. Ideal for travelling , convenient , saving me time and effort to create smoother tangle-free hair with body and bounce and be easier to manage. Great adjustable temperature to create the perfect look, volumizes and dries with one movement.

  65. y son calls me chewbacca from starwars as i look like a fuzzy wuzzy hairy creature in the morning, hair gone wild

  66. My hair is very long and thick it takes awhile to dry and straighten my hair, this would be my magic wand if I won

  67. I need a VS wet & dry straightening brush because I hate spending time fussing but I love my hair long and sleek, straight hair makes me feel attractive and finished! This brush would be such a beloved time-saving, beautifying product! Love it! Want it!

  68. I need a VS wet and dry straightening brush as I have long, thick and curly hair that is hard to straighten and never stays straight. This would make it easier and quicker for me.

  69. Because I can never be bothered to dry my hair (it’s way too thick to spend hours blow drying) but it looks like a mess if I don’t straighten it! So if I could straighten it wet, then it would be a win win for all!

  70. I’d be happy as getting ready would now be a breeze with this brush! I’d take less time getting ready so my partner would be happy too! Brilliant!

  71. I would like a VS wet and Dry all there other products are great that I have used and with long hair and getting older it takes a long time to dry and then use straightener its amazing what we can do with these great produces. It would be great when my 4 granddaughter come over to stay they all have long hair and only young so don’t like standing still.Looks great

  72. This would be perfect for my daughter’s long hair. She battling a long term health issue and I know that having her hair look good helps her confidence and self esteem.

  73. Frizzly, curly, unruly hair with a 5 month old to look after while my partner works away means my poor hair gets neglected as I struggle to find time to straighten it! This would be amazing!

  74. I would love this for my daughter, would speed up her morning routine before school making me and her happy! 🙂

  75. I’d love a VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush
    To make my hair shiny and lush
    No more frizzy hair
    Hair stands on on end and makes everyone stare
    Sleek and smooth
    I can with confidence move
    Wet to straight
    I will celebrate
    Works on dry too
    The perfect hairdo
    I’d love to win yes please
    Smooth shiny hair with ease

  76. Oh wow! This is such a great invention! I have very curly hair and do you know what happens when you take a blow dryer to curly hair? You end up looking like Tina Turner and when you’re going to straighten it after, this is a bloody nightmare. Not to mention how fantastic the detangling comb and anti-frizz feature is! As a person who suffers from Bad hair days 365 days a year this is literally a dream come true. With the Vs Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush I can skip the crazy phyco who hasn’t brushed her hair in months look and go straight to the gorgeous sleek goddess style.

  77. Frizz has always been a problem, the VS Wet and Dry will leave my hair looking and feeling nothing less than glamorous , the feeling like I stepped out of a salon.

  78. A VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush would be perfect for my daughters curly locks. She dreams of smooth straight hair.

  79. My hair is frizzy and needs some TLC,
    VS SASSOON WET & DRY STRAIGHTENING BRUSH, would certainly help me.
    I could do my hair differently every day,
    changing it in many ways.
    Beauty and Lace winning this prize would make me smile,
    I’d be looking good and back in style!

  80. My hair is on the shorter side so I really can’t use a straightener so this would be a great solution! Thanks

  81. Between very dry weather and then very humid weather, my curly hair is driving me nuts and it’s not a very long drive these days!

  82. I would love to say I don’t have the time, but i just really don’t have the patience to wait and brush and then straighten, this would solve it!

  83. When I wake up in the morning, my hair is often described as a lions mane. I have to shower everyday to control it…. this would save me hours and feel more special.

  84. Because it will help prevent damaging my hair by both blow-drying and then straightening and ensure I never have a bad hair day.

  85. I need frizz free hair and I need to look as good as only a Vidal Sassoon straightening brush can make me!! I am well past the days of looking great with bed hair… I need all the help I can get!!

  86. Brilliant innovation! This would certainly make my morning routine a whole lot ‘easier’ and ‘less time consuming’.

  87. I need the VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush in my life, because as a busy student nurse starting shift work at 7am, I never have time to dry or straighten my hair in the morning! Then I’m left feeling disheveled the rest of the day. This would be a life saver!

  88. I need one of these wonderful straighteners as I can’t straighten my hair with traditional straighteners for love nore money! This would be as easy as brushing my hair!

  89. How easy, brushes, dries and straightens all in one! VS Sassoon, how amazing, no more taking up to an hour just doing my hair!

  90. Fighting frizz, need to tame,
    My wavy, crazy mane,
    Daughter would love this too,
    Both need a new hairdo!

  91. I would love to win as i am constantly wearing my hair up as i dont have a way to straighten it and this would be the perfect product to help me straighten my hair

  92. Oily hair rules my life and I need to wash it daily. This results in many mornings with wet hair and limited time to style. This little godsend would help me with my morning battle!!

  93. My hair is so long that I can sit on it, but still manages to be very flyaway despite being straight! At the moment, I can only turn the flyaways into messy curls – I’d love to be able to embrace my nature texture without having to compromise on volume.

  94. I would LOVE to win this please! I have CFS so it is hard to hold the hairdryer and brush up for any length of time. This would make drying my hair so much easier and save my energy and cause less pain. I also have been blessed with fine frizzy hair. This product looks perfect for me!

  95. Frizzy but fine hair that needs styling to look half decent. Very happy with other VS products I’ve used so super keen to try this one out.

  96. My unruly hair have rules of their own,
    This wet and dry brush will be like my ‘drone’
    Don’t have time to use dryer and straightener
    This 2-in-1 brush I need to keep my hair together ☺️

  97. Because I am absolutely useless at straightening my hair and this looks just awesome that even someone like me could use it and make my hair look fabulous. Thanks for the opportunity.

  98. I have never had a straightener but have recently had a new haircut and would like to be able to straighten my hair without damaging it.
    This would be the perfect straightener for me and I love VS products and have used their shampoo and conditioner for eons,

  99. With a full time job and a toddler it would be wonderful to have able to straighten & dry at once. I very rarely seem to get the time for both in the one day!!

  100. With frizzy hair and a 16 month old baby plus working full-time means I struggle to get my hair done. This wet n dry straightener can alleviate my hair woes so i can put my best foot forward.

  101. I need a versatile straightening brush,
    my hair has a mind of its own,
    it frizzes and kinks, quite stubborn in fact,
    each morning my hair makes me groan.

  102. Wow i know this would be the best thing for my wife’s frizzy hair! I come home from surfing in the morning and my hair looks salty but it is nothing in comparison to my wife’s frizz. I would love to win it and give it to her so she can be happy and it will straighten her out!

  103. So my daughter can start to style and straighten her own hair instead of asking me all the time and then, I can use it too 🙂

  104. Thank goodness, at last a Wet &Dry Straightening Brush, I have twin Great Granddaughters with such awful hair this would be a godsend to them.

  105. Limp, no volume, coloured, the list could go on and on, is definitely my crowning glory.
    VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush, is the tool that I need to bring my lack lustre locks to life.

  106. As my hair is dry and messy this wet & dry straightening brush is the answer I’ve been looking for. Looks so easy to use.

  107. I really hope i win this. I do notchave a hair straightner . I keep going to my mums to borrow hers.. like to have my own.

  108. As a busy mum of small children; I always find that after getting the kids dressed, teeth brushed, bags packed ready to get out the door there is no time left for me to do my hair (ever). Often i throw it up in a messy bun in a hurry but i would LOVE to make it smooth and straight and looking great with the VS wet and dry straightening brush. With the ability to dry hair as well as straighten it, my hair will look awesome in half the time!

  109. I would love to win a VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush because it seems that every time I blow dry my hair, half my hair ends up falling out all over the bathroom floor. It would be fantastic to style and straighten my hair each day without then having to bring in an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean my bathroom floor.

  110. I’m a stay at home mother of three small children. I can’t remember the last time I brushed my hair let alone had the time to straighten it and feel half beautiful. Id love to win the VS Sassoon Straightening Brush so I didn’t have to wear my hair pulled back and up in a messy bun.

  111. With another little one on the way, I know I will have less time to spend pampering and styling my hair. This amazing sounding hair straightener will be a just what I need to tame my frizzy mane.

  112. Using hair dryer and hair straightener everytime I wash my hair, expose my hair to the heat and make my hair so dull and dry. VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Straightening Brush is the perfect solution and it less time consuming as well.

  113. I have the worst hair, it curly and thick and takes forever to dry. Its impossible to tame and takes a very long time to style so I can resemble a normal person and not a cavewoman

  114. With my Spanish heritage mother and my yeti for a father, my hair has constantly been the bane of my existence. Laser has taken care of the unwanted body hair, but I am in desperate need of a solution for my not quite curly, not quite straight, but always boofy and underwhelming bob!

  115. I can’t afford to get my hair chemically straightened again, and it’s so frizzy again now that it’s growing out. This product would be amazing, since I would do anything to be able to spend 5 more minutes in bed in the mornings…

  116. I would love to win this as it would cut down my getting ready time and give me more time to get things done around the house before work. This would give me more time to spend with my hubby after work.

  117. With A SASSOON I wont be looking like a hairy babboon.
    rather then Unkept and wild
    Ill be tamed
    rather then shamed.
    Sleek and smooth
    looking like a fountain of youth.
    All from this brush
    I wont need to rush.
    vroom sassoon
    Into my bedroom 😀

  118. Win a VS Sassoon Wet and Dry straightening Brush would provide perfect hairstyle solutions for my two teenagers. This amazing haircare product has received many positive reviews and I saw it at our local shop , I would save time to do my two daughters hair and they would look beautiful with silky and smooth hair every day. Thank Beauty and Lace for this competition . I love it.

    de-stress my mornings, free up our bathroom and have me walking out the door with frizz less hair, everyone in our house wins.

  120. I desperately need the VS SASOON WET & DRY!! With so many kids, a busy schedule, a busy work life, who has time to do their hair??? My messy bun is all I can achieve with limited time

  121. Winter’s here, it’s wet out there, that means unruly wild hair.
    Wet or dry with VS it’s under control, sorry bad hair, your on hold!

  122. I have wavy and curly hair which is a hot frizzy mess.
    Drying and straightening my hair takes so much time in the morning while I’ve got to rush top work and children waiting to be dropped to school.
    This wet and dry brush from vs sassoon will cut down the time in half and will ensure i look sassy and professional at work.

  123. This amazing brush would definately help cheer me up as my hair depresses me, it is frizzy and thin and takes me so long to manage. The VS sasson wet and dry brush would sort my hair problems out !

  124. Now here’s a tool that I could rule!..

    Would be a blessing in disguise, to win this awesom beauty prize..
    To style and straighten with just one brush, VS Sassoon your making me swoon with envy….Love it, need it, want it!!!… : )

  125. Straightening my thick long hair with a straightener takes forever and a day . This brush sounds like a time saving, magic wand to transform my hair to sleek shiny straight perfection!

  126. My hair is so horrible lazy mummy hair and I have let it go since having Bub number two an easy easy tool like this would be amazing

  127. I would gift this to my Daughter-Inlaw, she is damaging her hair by using an iron to straighten out her hair, it. She has lovely long hair and i do try and tell her, who bad sing an iron on your hair is. 🙂

  128. I’d love to win as I’m growing my hair this winter and the longer it gets the more I need to do! This would be a time saver and make the styling fun.

  129. I cut my own hair, dye my own hair, style my own hair and just sometimes in the last 12 yrs I wish I could get a hairdresser to do it but can never seem to afford to so this is where VS SASSOON would save my day as I do have long naturally curly hair goes frizzy and would love to be the smooth sleek looking , well groomed mum. Ditch the frizz I say……..well here`s crossing my fingers and toes while my frizzy hair tickles my nose.:)

  130. I splurged and got the Japanese hair straightening about two years ago. I paid a deposit for my follow up appointment for regrowth. Well I turned up and the hairdresser had gone out of business! This was in February last year!! So now I have the reversed perm grow out. Straight hair down the bottom and frizzy curly hair up top. It is a fright to look at!!!

  131. Hush little baby, don’t you cry
    VS Sassoon is gonna get you dry

    We’ll soon have your hair looking lush
    With their Wet & Dry Straightening Brush

    So dry your eyes and wear a smile
    And say thanks to B&L for your new style

  132. This would be amazing as I have trouble straightening my hair so this would save me alot of time and give me a better look than I could do

  133. With long wavy hair that takes ages to dry
    And gets so knotty i sometimes cry
    This VS straightening brush for my hair
    Would make it so much more manageable and easy to wear!

  134. To straighten my hair wet or dry,
    without my hair starting to fry.
    No more brittle mess,
    to have my hair look it’s best!

  135. Never have time to dry and straighten my hair in the mornings the VS wet and dry brush means i can do both jobs in one, will save me time and stop me just tying my hair up all the time. Won’t make my hair as limp as a straightener would either.

  136. I would absolutely love to win a VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush so when I wash my hair & wait for it to dry as I don’t own a hairdryer it would save me a lot of time rather than going out to work looking like a frizz ball to work it looks horrible & not a very good look for work that’s why I would love this brush

  137. my daughter would love this her hair is frizzy and a bot out of control at times, she’s at a bit of a loss to know what to do with it. for work she ties it up but it would be great for after work and weekends to let her hair down and make it pretty

  138. When you are in a rush in the morning but still need to look professional and presentable at work, the quicker I can style my hair the better, this would be ideal for that hairdresser finish without the time or cost!

  139. Love to win this for myself but my daughter in law would get more use out of it with her thick unruly hair. She ends up putting it up as it looks tidier that way and her daughter does not allow her much time before going to work to do anything other without help.

  140. My hair is so curly and I am yet to find a straightener to straighten it I would love to win this and have an appliance that does the job.

  141. I always need to save time and still look presentable in the morning, I think this may be the little miracle I’ve been looking for

  142. WOW! What a great idea – how clever. Love the time-saving bonus. Me & my 3 daughters would use this constantly! Thank you.

  143. My daughter would absolutely LOVE this! She’s constantly talking about how ugly she feels with her wavy hair. There’s never any time to straighten her hair before school and this sounds like it will definitely be less time consuming!

  144. She needs to get to school,
    She can’t be late that’s the first rule!
    Not enough time to dry her hair,
    Her hairs so wavy it’s just not fair!
    A straightener and a dryer in one,
    I think this could be fun!

  145. I have naturally long, thick, unruly hair which looks great when straight but it is a very time consuming process to make it look that way! I currently use a VS hairdryer to remove moisture first and then two types of straighteners (a large, thick plate one to straighten the bulk and a smaller streamlined one for hair around the face); this can take up to one hour! This straightening brush sounds like an amazing timesaver plus I am a big fan of Vidal Sassoon and know it would a quality product.

  146. Because who actually likes looking at frizzy hair? honestly I think I’m losing friends because of my unruly hair

  147. So many mornings I’ve left the house looking so scruffy, because I simply don’t have time to find a hairdryer, use it, and deal with the child who’s terrorised by the noise of hairdryers (which takes longer than the whole washing, drying and styling operation). I dream of the days when I could leave the house looking groomed and together. The VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Straightening Brush sounds like the answer to my dreams. I need it so I can pull myself together!

  148. Mums always seem to come last in the… ‘Ok I’m ready department’. What a time saving tool this little beauty is. Now when it’s…. “Hurry up we’re late” time again, at least I’d know that I’m having a good hair day!!

  149. After having thin straight hair for most of my life,I now (in late 50,s) have thicker hair.It is wavy on one side,which irritates me and I have a constant battle to make it look presentable!This appliance looks like It would be such a help with my unruly hair!

  150. I could certainly go without my daily frizzies, and with this awesome tool, I would never have to face the day looking like a lion again 😀

  151. i could save about 15 minutes using this, there’s so much that can be done in an extra 15 minutes………. Like sleeping in ;p

  152. When I was younger I was the girl with the hair! I have spent so many hours straightening and taming my hair. Anything to make this process easier would be a life saver.

  153. I would love to win this for my mother! She never has enough time to dry and straighten her frizzy curly hair! This would be so perfect for her, and I would love to be able to give something back to her after all the things she has done for me over the years!

  154. My frizzy hair is such a mess
    Can’t cope with all this stress!
    A straightening brush would be nice
    Might even straighten out my life

  155. My daughter has frizzy hair and as much as she hates it, she just can’t sit still long enough for me to blow dry her hair properly. 2 or 3 brush strokes with the hot hairdryer at her neck and she’s done! I can’t even imagine how convenient this Wet and Dry straightening Brush would be for us in the mornings! Hallelujah!

  156. My frizzy hair needs some care!
    Instead of body, bounce and shine,
    I have an unruly mess I wish wasn’t mine!
    I’d love to use this in my morning routine,
    And spend the day with hair that gleams
    VS Sassoon wet and dry brush, please save my hair
    And be the answer to my prayers!

  157. VS Sassoon would be a blessing in my bathroom, with my frizzy locks this brush would smooth them so my hair rocks. It’s so unruly and unkempt, days where I don’t even attempt to try to tame my mane it’s too hard I can’t contain the curl’s so matted and messed up that I grab a hair tie and give up. I would love a great product that’s been described, it would seriously change my life. The humidity can reach such extreme, my hair’s stupidity makes me want to scream and sometimes I feel like grabbing scissors to cut my hair off, even worse than scissors some days I want the clipper’s…

  158. I’d love this, would save a ridiculous amount of time in the morning! Unfortunately somehow I managed to get the curly AND thick hair genes!

  159. I would love to win this Wet & Dry Straightening Brush as I struggle to find time every morning to straighten my uncooperative curly hair. This VS would help me do my hair in no time.

  160. I need this because I need something to calm down the winter frizz! Normally I let my hair dry naturally but winter does it no favours at all!

  161. I really need this product!! I’ve recently started a career in swimming teaching hence I’ve constantly got wet hair! I would love to straighten my hair from wet so I don’t look like a drowned rat all the time!

  162. Our whole family look like extras from The Muppet Show and, stupidly, I bred a daughter-clone (who will hate me forever for her curls). I didn’t realise how many hairstyles little girls insist on that just aren’t possible with hair I can’t even blow dry straight. This would save my sanity (and make us look like we haven’t all slept in a ditch!) Thanks.

  163. I dont have the energy to do my hair every day so i often head out the door looking a little scruffier than Id like! *Sigh*. Plus I’m a huge fan of VS sasson products, they are the best out there!

  164. I need a VS Sassoon Wet & Dry straightening brush,
    It’ll save me time as I’m always in a rush.
    I would love this tool to style my hair,
    So I can walk into work with style and flair.

  165. I always find myself is a rush for work and I don’t have time to dry my hair or straighten it in the morning, so this would be a very handy tool!

  166. Why do I need the VS Sassoon Wet and Dry straightening brush? Because as someone who has such curly and unruly hair that it requires almost constant straightening, I need something that can help me in any way I can in my struggle against my hair from hell. I straighten my hair and then I wake up with it curled and sticking in all directions – my hair doesn’t care about gravity, and that’s why I need this straightening brush, so I can finally straighten out my hair (and life).

  167. Seen this product on tv and was like wow! Looks like it would solve my dilemmas in the morning for a quick and more easy to use straightner! Would love to try it out at home! 🙂

  168. This busy mum would be over the moon,
    If I won this brush from VS Sassoon.
    With two young daughters who get in a tizz
    When it’s time to brush out their knotted frizz !
    But with a detangling comb and anti-frizz brush,
    Would stop the screams during the morning school rush.
    Well maybe just screams from a delighted me,
    Because finally our mornings would be knot free!

  169. I need a VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush because, like many others, I lead a busy life & ain’t nobody got time for air dryin’!

  170. To cut my “getting ready time” in half would be a miracle! My thick, unruly hair would be tamed, glam and styled in no time thanks to VS!

  171. My current hairstyle;
    She has three kids,
    My dream; Frizz free, shining locks
    The answer? A Wet & Dry straightening brush,
    Why? Because VS Sasoon ROCKS.

  172. I need this straightening brush as I have very fine hair with lots of ‘fly-away’ bits. If I use product in my hair to control it, it just makes my hair look oily and in need of a wash.

  173. With both daughters hair in a frizz,
    they get in a frantic tizz,
    they need VS SASSOON’s help,
    so we can all get on with biz!

  174. I need this to stop me having to shower everyday just to brush my very very curly hair. Straight hair what a dream

  175. Hi, we would love to win this VS SASSOON WET & DRY STRAIGHTENING BRUSH because my 3 daughters and I all have long hair and we love the look of luxuriously shiny and straight hair that would be achieved by using it, The amazing feeling of knowing you have hair that is looking its utmost best would be achievable if we were to win this VS SASSOON WET & DRY STRAIGHTENING BRUSH,

  176. I need it because with age my hair is becoming very curly and unruly I have a bad hair day every day

  177. I would give this to my Daughter-inlaw, i have seen her use the iron to straighten out her hair, i have told her it will damage her hair. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  178. I need this awesome styling tool because I have a lot of gigs where I need to look quite polished, so hair done etc. However I am slow, and clumsy, and often end up burning myself with my hair straightener, taking ages to get it done, and often miss a spot! I would dearly love a solution for doing my hair at home and actually looking fab (and getting to my show on time!!)

  179. My hair is untameable and has a mind of its own most days so I think this would take the savage beast that it is and become a gentle beautiful flow

  180. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! Not only would it change my hair for the better but it would no doubt help me get to work on time aswell!

  181. sick of having to dry then straighten my hair only to find within a hour its once again kinky and frizzy.
    this product VS Sassoon Wet and Dry will end all time frustration and i will end up with what i want to achieve dry straight frizz free hair with a professional finish.

  182. I wake up everyday with tangles and take me so much time that I just put it up. Please help me rediscover my long hair

  183. I need it to save time, of course. Now to design a clothes line that dries and straightens so I don’t have to do any ironing.

  184. This would be amazing as I have very thick hair with an awful wave through it…..It would save me sooo much time as I would not have to blow dry my hair first and then straighten it. It is my 40th birthday in a few weeks and this would be an AWESOME birthday present 🙂

  185. Because I look like you could turn me upside down and use me as a toilet brush with the frizzy hair I was stuck with. Sleek and straight is my dream style.

  186. I’m a singer, I need to look good on stage not look like a frazzled craze, during my breaks I could straighten up and look like new, with a stroke of genius!

  187. I need a VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush as I’ve just had my hair cut short to just above shoulder length and I’ve discovered that if I don’t keep it straightened the bottom half of my hair goes waving about and well….. picture a triangle on someone shoulders and that’s how my head looks (minus the pointy bit).

  188. I really need one of these as i live in rural vic and having wet hair is awful in this cold weather, so If i was able to have this great straightener then my hair issues would be solved nice straight hair, and not getting freezing cold.

  189. I just recently went the chop mainly to make my hair easier to manage with two young children but as I have curly hair it has actually made it a lot harder to style in a hurry this amazing product would be amazing for my new hair woes.

  190. How good would it be to not have to set my hair everyday or it’s a frizzy mess with too much body! Especially in winter when it’s cold and raining and I’m leaving the house in the morning with wet hair.

  191. I have hair so long I get called Rapunzel! I saw this brush on tv & it’s my dream product! I would use it daily xo

  192. VS SASSOON thankyou! A brush that will tame my lumpy, bumpy hair! If I blow dry it it’s impossible to get right, then the time to use a straightener, but I have fine hair so it loses all volume! This new Sassoon Brush is the perfect answer to my constant hair problems! No more paying a hairdresser and wasting that time so that my hair will look okay for a change! I would love to win it as my husband has lost his job so I can’t spend at the moment! Fingers and toes crossed!!

  193. You mean there is actually something that can control my frizz that has to be seen to be believed and it’s easy to achieve…Oh Yes Please!! I’d love some flowing tresses instead of a lions mane haha

  194. I have always suffered frizzy hair, no matter what I have tried. My Daughter has a normal straightener, which I have attempted to use but quickly been reminded, “Mum it won’t work because your hair is wet”. I never use a dryer to dry my hair as even with the extra attachment on, my hair still frizzes. I have always been so stressed when we have to go out as all I want to do is put a paper bag over my head so know one can see. Just the thought of this remarkable, amazing VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush excites me so much. The thought of being able to finely straighten my hair wet or dry leaves me with goosebumps. I know of someone who has one & she is constantly telling me how it’s the best thing she has ever owned. I would be so incredibly grateful & proud to have this much needed VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush. My hair itself is a gorgeous colour & long & if I did not have to battle with it day in, day out it would be a dream come true. I certainly wouldn’t need coaxing to go out, I would be the first out the door. thank you for the chance Beauty and Lace <3 xxx

  195. My daughter has curly fly away hair and said she wishes her hair could be like mums every now and then !! This would be perfect for my up and coming teenager

  196. Some days I wake up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein! I really need a VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Styling Brush to revitalise my frizz!

  197. My hair is a mess, needs wet and dry Sassoon styling brush, as it has power and is needed for style and to give me some wow!

  198. I am updating my look with a big birthday fast approaching and winning the VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Styling Brush would be that extra added incentive for me to achieve a new improvement me plus keep up the effort it requires to look after yourself not just the family.

  199. I need this VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Straightening Brush because frankly I’m hopeless at styling my own unruly hair. VS Sassoon has made it possible to me to look good every day not just the rare days I actually go to a professional hairdresser. What joy!!

  200. Oh this will be my life saver!! Time is so precious so anything that will do 2 actions in one is such a bonus for my busy schedule of home, kids, work and socialising of course. Having beautiful hair makes me feel amazing!

  201. I would love to win this as i have just started a beauty and hair course and this would be so handy right now . And the fact that my straightner has recently blew up and i cant live without one.

  202. I would love this. I dread doing my hair every morning, the frizz combined with length and thickness makes it a tiring job, This tool would make such a difference in my hair life.

  203. I have children and very little time to myself, this product allows me to look decent in very little time. i have long curly hair and i love to straighten it but with a traditional hair straightener it can take me up to an hour to my straighten my entire hair and that it time i barely have.

  204. It is so hard to keep your hair nice in a humid climate. This straightening brush would be a lifesaver!

  205. I can see this brush/straightener would already save me time and space in my luggage when I travel. No more taking 3 different brushes, a dryer AND a straightener, Its all in 1! Pure genius!

  206. Oh wow, sleek, shiny hair again! Forgotten what that is in the midst of frizzy, tangled hair shoved under my hat to keep it out of my face from the winter wind! Please pick me (chuckle!),

  207. Oh wow, sleek, shiny hair again! Forgotten what that is in the midst of frizzy, tangled hair shoved under my hat to keep it out of my face from the winter wind! Please pick me (chuckle!), If only the captcha code could be fixed as easily as the VS Sassoon Wet and Dry Straightening Brush could fix my hair!

  208. OMG!!! Just what I need to tame my wild locks.
    Technology sure is making curly hair more managable 😀

  209. It’s the ultimate hair appliance as it dries and straightens hair simultaneously! Whilst adding lots of volume, it saves lots of hair styling time!

  210. It’ll help me get out of TANGLES, STRAIGHTaway! My hair is wild, but it can be tamed onto the STRAIGHT and narrow with Sassoon.

  211. I’d love to treat myself to some great hair from now on, I’ve been letting myself go for too long it’s time to step up and look glam

  212. Long hair? Check. Loads of tangles and frizz? Check. Short on time and always in a rush? Check. That’s why I need VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush!

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