Natural Remedies to keep you Fighting Fit this Winter with Kate Freeman

The Cold and Flu season is well and truly upon us and I know that we could all use a couple of handy tips to try and boost immunity.

Kate Freeman has almost 11 years experience in the nutrition and health industry, she is a highly sought after Registered Nutritionist and owner of a private nutrition practice in Canberra called The Healthy Eating Hub.

Kate is also a spokesperson for Cenovis, one of Australia’s leading health supplements brands.

We have a fantastic article today, supplied by Kate Freeman, with her top tips for natural remedies to keep you at the top of your game this winter.

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Prioritising your family’s health and wellbeing is paramount if you want to survive the dreaded cold and flu season. While many attempt to forge through claiming ‘it’s just a cold’ – the reality is a common cold is nothing to be sneezed at.

Cenovis spokesperson and nutritionist, Kate Freeman, said that parents are often flat-out taking care of the family that they often overlook their own wellbeing, especially when the temperature drops.
“Common cold symptoms can last anywhere between three days to two weeks, or even linger longer if you don’t nip them in the bud early,” Kate said.
“Attempting to power through can be counterproductive. The last thing you want to do is spread germs amongst the family and risk of passing cold/flu to others.
“I find it’s always better to try and take the time to rest, recoup, and rejuvenate – as challenging as it can be to overcome the feeling of guilt or pressure that parents often succumb to,” she said.
“By building up a healthy immune system you can help the body fight off and may recover quickly from cold/flu. Think colourful plates packed high with wholesome, nutritious foods and plenty of quality sleep to help get you back on your feet,” she said.

Here are Kate’s top natural ways to help mitigate the misery of a common cold:
1. Soothe a sore throat and clear the sinuses

– Mix 1-2 teaspoons of honey, and a freshly squeezed lemon in boiling water to help soothe a prickly sore throat.
– Relax and soak in a hot bath with a few drops of essential oils and let the steam take care of congestion in a blocked nose.

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2. Get a healthy dose of essential vitamins and nutrients

– Pop fruit in your handbag each morning to snack on through the day. Two pieces of fruit rich in Vitamin C such as pineapple, oranges, and strawberries can help to decrease the duration and severity of cold.

– Add vegetables to every dinner. Vegetables are rich in antioxidants and some vegetables may possess immune supporting properties. They will also boost the nutrient density of any meal, regardless of what else you eat.

– Get out in the sun for 10 – 15 minutes each day for a daily dose of Vitamin D which may help your immune system.

3. Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest (sans screen!)

– Drink lots of water and stay hydrated to ensure the body has enough fluids during sickness.

– Switch off the electronics, jump into bed, and get plenty of quality rest. Insufficient sleep (quality and quantity) may affect the immune system.

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