Expert Q&A: Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing with Rita Porreca

Rita Porreca is an experienced name in the field of permanent make-up, founding the Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre, and we were able to get some information from her about cosmetic tattooing and current eyebrow trends.

Hi Rita, welcome to Beauty and Lace and thanks for talking to us.
Can you tell us what drew you to your field, why did you want to be a permanent makeup practitioner?

Twenty five years ago, while working in beauty therapy, I realised there was a missing link between medical, beauty, and natural therapies. Back then I was one of the first to bring cosmetic tattooing to Australia – after studying in the USA. I opened Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre as I felt there was a desire for long life make up to enhance one’s natural features.

In particular, I found there was a need for women clients. As women got older many were finding it really hard to apply their make up because of vision impairment, which happens to many as we age.

Today, my real passion is my medical tattooing work. I really love helping women to look and feel “normal” again after they recover from cancer, or are affected by hair loss from alopecia or even rebuilding their facial features again after an injury or burn.

You are the Founder and Managing Director of the Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre, can you tell us a little about the clinic and services you offer?

I am proud to be one of Australia’s leading practitioners and now a teacher of cosmetic tattooing, having been one of the pioneers of bringing the practice to Australia. As Managing Director of Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre, I bring together over 30 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry with a long list of loyal clientele from all over Australia.

I have completed tens of thousands of procedures on eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips for women and men, with an acute focus on customising the results to suit every clients’ desired outcome. My years of expertise enables me to work with cosmetic surgeons on post-operative procedures – including areola re-pigmentation, skin needling and corrective camouflage – in a professional and 100% sterile environment, which is key as cosmetic and medical tattooing requires that from a hygiene and safety point of view.

rita porreca

Eyebrow tattooing, why do you think this has taken off as a trend?

Grooming brows have always been fashion but now in recent years we are seeing more women of all ages come to us. There has made a big shift away from ‘barely-there, narrow brows’ of say 15 to 20 years ago, with most clients after a more pronounced arch, and overall fuller, darker brows.

How long does eyebrow tattooing last?

Brows last from to 2 to 4 years, giving you the opportunity to change the shape as the fashion changes. Clients need to have touch ups every 2 years for best results.

The companion question to that one is how much does it cost?

It can cost anywhere from $500 making it very affordable as it lasts for years, but touch ups are normally at a discounted rate.

What does a client need to do to prepare for the tattoo?

There is no preparation for brows as we will draw and reshape the brows on the day of the treatment ensuring you love it before the tattooing takes place.

How does it work? Can you tell us a little about the different methods?.

There are three main methods.

One method feathering, can mimic your own hair. This popular treatment is done with a hand tool known as a blade. The end result is very light and will need a second or third application within 2-6 months at a set price, there after touch-ups are yearly. It is great for people who have their own hair but would like to fill in the gaps for a natural, fuller appearance of the brow.

Hair Stokes is where a brow treatment is done with a machine; the end result is a very natural look, and it will last longer than feathering. In most cases you don’t need a second application

Shading is also done with a machine but it has a powder look; it is a very soft look depending on the colour you choose. Great for people who like it very neat and even, it has a longer wear and we call it the ‘Kardashian look’ after the famous reality TV stars who favour it.


What are the current trends in eyebrow tattooing?

• Dark, heavy, pronounced brows, tapering very slightly at the end – like say Kim Kardashian.
• Brush-stroke brows – a rounder look, with no noticeable peak, as seen on Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, Sophia Vergara, and Miranda Kerr.
• Full, intense brows – following the style made famous by younger models Cara Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins.

How much and how often do the trends change? If this is a long lasting and permanent procedure you would hope the trends don’t change too dramatically.

Like everything trends come and go but I think well-groomed brows are here to stay. My advice is to all my clients always go for the shape that suits your face shape not the trends .

Thanks for your time Rita, some great info here.

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