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We all know there’s nothing better than finding the perfect shade of lipstick. Offered in a spectrum of fun colours, MINXX will brighten up both moods and lips in a flash. Offering 46 carefully chosen shades of crème lipsticks and weightless non-sticky liquid lipsticks MINXX will make you feel flirtatious, bold and confident.


Beauty and Lace are giving away two MINXX lipstick packs each including 3 crème lipsticks (valued at $28.50 each).

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For your chance to win tell us in the comments section below, tell us how a good lipstick makes you feel.

Competition closes 3/5/16 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

107 thoughts on “Win with MINXX

  1. A good lipstick makes me feel like less of a down-trodden Mum, I love the instant pick me up it gives my appearance.

  2. A good lipstick enhances my smile and of course adds that bit of colour. It helps to moisturise and never leaves my lips feel dry. Knowing im wearing a great lipstick in the perfect shade for me adds extra confidence and will have me smiling and strangers looking and thinking “I wonder what shes smiling about?” 😀

  3. A good lipstick makes me feel, like I could smile, laugh and talk all day never worry about how my lipstick is going on my beautiful lips.

  4. It makes me feel fierce; like my own version of Beyoncé bopping around my kitchen; ready to take anyone or anything on!

  5. It can make me feel so many things, confident at that work meeting, playful and kissable on the weekend, but most of all it makes me feel like and Shania would say…”feel like a woman”

  6. The only product you need when you’re in a rush …. baseball cap, sunnies and your favourite lippy – Good to go!

  7. Adds the finishing “je ne sais quoi” touch to complete my look so I can go out confident with my head held high.

  8. When you find ‘your’ lipstick – colour, texture and format – you feel invincible. It’s like a trusted friend; it goes everywhere with you (and on you) and you can count on it to make you feel better 24/7.

  9. I love to wear lipstick,
    gives me confidence and I ooze pizazz,
    I feel happy and pretty,
    wearing lippy and all that jazz.

  10. I love how transformative the right shade of lipstick can be and how it can reflect my mood, whether I’m feeling feminine wearing a dusty pink or a WOW look at me, with statement RED lips! No matter what colour I choose, a good lipstick should be creamy soft, moisturising and comfortable to wear with good lasting power! Lipstick makes me feel feminine, empowered, beautiful, fun and flirty!

  11. A good Lipstick makes me feel sexy, Adventurous and Beautiful. Cheap Lipsticks are a turn off, gluggy and dreadful.

  12. I consider myself to be one of those whose natural colouring blends into the background, a good lipstick/right shade can blend with my colouring and highlight my positives.

  13. It’s hard to describe the feeling I get when I’m wearing lipstick. I feel empowered, amazing and beautiful. I don’t wear lippie that often, but I think I should start wearing it more if I want to feel this good when I do!

  14. A good lipstick makes me feel like a woman ready for anything rather than “only” a mother & grandmother ready for babysitting duties.

  15. Lipstick is the final thing to put on. It makes your makeup complete. It enhances your smile & can make you look wild. Makes your whole face pop with love, glamour, beauty and confidence. It’s the make and break of how your dressed, wrong colour and ruin all your work. Right colour and your ready for anything. It adds to your Charisma and charm and makes others take notice when you walk into a room. You can go from looking naked to the best dressed model who stepped off a magazine cover. The very best of a person is their smile, so treat your smile with the love, care and respect it deserves, then you will capture everything wonderful.

  16. A quality lippy can make my chompers look whiter and plump up my smoochers making me feel ready to chase my 3 boys for kisses xxx

  17. I feel dressed! Regardless of whether I have spent time on my makeup or not, a good lipstick make me feel ready for any occasion.

  18. confidant and ready to face the world, it makes me feel like I’ve made an effort and am in control for the day

  19. My lipstick brings me peace and solitude in the knowledge that it will create many memories and offer love and contentment in the form of a kiss to loved ones!

  20. Lipstick is for all daily activities from running, to taking the kids to the playground, to friend catch ups, to work. It makes me feel confident and complete.

  21. A good lipstick makes me feel…more confident, more capable and simply READY! Ready for anything that comes my way.

  22. A beautiful colour lipstick is really bringing my positive attitude and energy for wearing my favourite outfit. It also provides care of my lips. MINNXX Lipstick has perfect makeup solutions and superior quality to boost confidence for everyone and every occasion. I love these vibrant colours of lipsticks. They are amazing.

  23. Wearing the right lipstick make me feel complete. I always choose a colour that complements what I am wearing. With Minnxx I am confident the colour will stay true and that it will keep my lips smooth and nourished.

  24. A great lipstick makes me feel confident and that people as looking at my mouth and actually listening to the words that are coming out plus it helps when my children comment how pretty mum looks.

  25. If gives your confidence a boost…and your personality can be inspired to be playful depending on your lip colour choice.

  26. A good lipstick can make me feel ready to take on the world. It’s a quick way of changing my look, of feeling like I’m pulled together, of feeling like I’ve made an effort, of lifting my appearance just enough without being flashy. A good lipstick can be a small miracle on a bad day.

  27. A good lipstick makes me feel glamorous, feminine and confident. I love the way lipstick can change a look from pretty to sexy.

  28. A nice lipstick can literally put a smile on my face as it makes me feel that little bit better even when I am feeling down.

  29. Soft, supple lips coloured bright,
    Gives my face the finishing touch that makes me feel right,
    With attention-grabbing lipstick by MINXX,
    She’s beautiful everybody thinks,
    The most perfect pout,
    Makes for confidence no doubt.

  30. Lovely lipstick makes me feel so pretty and witty and gay !
    And I pity all the girls that aren’t me that day ! lol Cheers 🙂 I would love to win 🙂

  31. The right shade of lipstick gives me a real lift, gives me confidence , completes my outfit and makes me feel very feminine.

  32. Feeling confident in new Autumn boots.
    April cool weather not too kind, but a dash of colour on my lips nobody minds.

  33. It empowers my womanly duality. I think yet feel, I’m strong yet vulnerable, ruthless yet compassionate and can conquer and bounce back from anything!!!

  34. A good lipstick makes me feel confident and attractive! It makes my smile more beautiful and more inviting! Whether casual shopping or restaurant dinner, a good lipstick is always a winner!!

  35. A good lipstick has the power to change my mood! It makes me feel beautiful, glamorous and sophisticated and takes me from feeling ok to fabulous in a matter of seconds!

  36. When I was little I watched my Mum put on her lipstick, she told me it was “The Finishing Touch” know matter what the occasion. Today as a “Grown Up”, I put on my lipstick and know that I have that “Finished Look”, and that gives me a smile and a beautiful memory.

  37. The topic reminds me of my favourite quote “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”. Never underestimate the power of beauty! It makes me feel feminine, confident and ready to take on the challenges of the day while also feeling beautiful at the same time!

  38. If a lipstick is too dry, my lips hurt to speak … too moist and they have lipstick bleed … but the perfect lipstick feels naturally lush on my lips, compliments my features and I feel incredible.

  39. A girl can’t have toooooo many Lipsticks, so many colours to choose from, love them all except the too pale ones that don’t suit me.

  40. Lipstick makes me feel polished, empowered and ready to face anything ! A more dramatic purse, pout or smile is enhanced by some shine and colour.

  41. I am still trying to find the lipstick that does everything it clams to do you can’t leave the house without lipstick

  42. A good lipstick always makes me feel special and relaxed because I know my lips are shining with colour…

  43. Lipstick is my one essential to,face the world! Minxx lipsticks suit me perfectly – so this competition is perfect for me! My husband has just lost his job so things like Minxx lipsticks have been unavailable to me for a while – so I would love to win this to tide me over until he gets a new job! Crossing everything!

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