WIN: Homedics Duo Pro

The Duo Pro, by Homedics features the combination of both the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Freeglide™ Technology to offer you two superior treatments for your skin in the one, compact device. The Duo Pro prevents the regrowth of hair and also enables you to reduce fine surface lines. Skin feels noticeably smoother and is visibly rejuvenated.

For hair removal, the Duo Pro offers Freeglide™Technology to give you a fast and easy treatment for hair reduction, as it simply glides like a shaver over the skin. This is ideal for larger areas such as legs, and great for sensitive skin. While the IPL Technology provides a high-power, one touch control for areas with thick dense hair such as underarms and bikini.

iHOM3975 Duo packaging v8 r3 no varnish

The skin rejuvenation treatment also uses the IPL technology to leave your skin looking and feeling smoother. This rejuvenation system uses the pulsed light (up to 30,000 flashes) to stimulate the production of new collagen fibres, that give tone to skin, and even out wrinkles so your skin will appear brighter and more luminous. Some common skin conditions like pigmentation, spotting, and redness can be treated using IPL.

Designed to fit comfortably into your hand and glide over the skin the Duo Pro system is as light as a feather, with one touch, perfect control. The Duo Pro boasts a Skin sensor for maximum safety, replaceable cartridges and also works for male back and chest hair removal. Both the hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments are highly flexible, can be tailored to different parts of the body and are suitable for different skin tones.

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Safe, cost-efficient, durable & easy to use, it’s time to say goodbye to expensive salon visits for professional treatments. Clinically tested for long term results, see results in just 10 minutes per day all from the comfort of your own home. The Duo Pro is now available in Shaver Shop, Myer and all good retailers and comes with 120-day money back satisfaction guarantee and 2-year warranty. RRP $549.

We have one Duo Pro up for grabs, for your chance to win tell us in the comments section below about your most embarrassing hair removal experience.

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82 thoughts on “WIN: Homedics Duo Pro

  1. I had my first bikini wax 4 months after giving birth as it was getting close to summer. The pain was so intense after not having one for over 12 months and my pelvic floor was obviously not as strong as I hoped and so as she pulled of the first strip I weed. Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me!

  2. My girlfriend is a beautician and she was giving me a Brazillian at her house when her husband walked in

  3. First time I shaved my legs, I was about 11 years old and course snaffled my dad’s razor and promptly shaved a huge slice of skin from the entire length of my shin. Bled like a stuck pig and had a massive scab showing for ages as well as getting in trouble for blunting dad’s razor.

  4. I’ve got sensitive skin on my face and I used hair removal cream to remove some hair from my ‘sideburns’ and it took off the skin too. Next day at work, everyone was asking me if I fell down and hurt myself.

  5. I would love to try this product, my most embarrassing shaving moment was when i was at a friends home and i knew some hot guys were coming around, i thought i would shave my arms and legs, i was in a real hurry and missed half of the hair, i was very self conscious so i stayed away from the guys lol,

  6. Years ago before I was shaving my legs I was out at a girls do when everyone was comparing how smooth their legs were! Oh the embarassment I was the only one with hairy legs! I learnt a valuable lesson.

  7. I would love to try this product, my most embarrassing shaving moment was when i was at a friends home and i knew some hot guys were coming around, i thought i would shave my arms and legs, i was in a real hurry and missed half of the hair, i was very self conscious so i stayed away from the guys

  8. ohhh… that’s an easy one. My first bikini wax, embarrassed to the hilt already, was performed by my neighbour in her spare room. Lying there nearly as naked as when I was born, her husband walked in on us. I nearly died and still can’t look him in the face.

  9. Tried to do a bikini wax once using hair removal cream. Worst choice ever. Although I patch tested a day before, that mix (which was meant to be for sensitive skin) burnt the crap out of my skin. I ended up having to put ice packs, milk & aloe on that region. Never again, never.

  10. My first and only attempt at bikini line waxing at home left me with a massive bruise that meant I couldn’t wear bikinis for weeks without it showing. Major embarrassment and lesson learnt.

  11. I decided to shave my legs when I started highschool but only did the front and didn’t bother with the back, as I couldn’t see it. Wasn’t till I did sport at school and wore my shorts that one of the girls started laughing and pointing at my legs that were half shaved!

  12. I would say my most embarrassing hair removal moment would be when I gave myself an at home bikini wax in anticipation of a date that afternoon, which I thought I hadn’t done too badly up until when I needed to remove my underwear for the bathroom and found that I had obviously left some wax behind. Let’s just say the rest of the date was a little on the uncomfortable side!

  13. My best friend and I were paired up learning waxing as part of our beauty therapy course. It was my turn to do a bikini wax on her and as I ripped the hot wax off, I accidently let go and the wax (and all the pubic hair) flew accross the room and hit one of the other ( slightly toffy nosed) students in the face!! My friend and I were so embarrased ( but we do still laugh about it now)

  14. I have never tried a product like that but would love to have a chance to play with it and check it out, it could be an answer to my shaving problems, so I truly hope so much I win this fantastic prize ! Cheers 🙂

  15. I once waxed my pubic hair…well attempted to and the wax stayed on and I couldn’t get it off so I literally had wax on my va jay jay for days! This was well before I knew about wax remover!

  16. When I was younger, I wanted thin eyebows – plucked away, made it very uneven so stupidly thought using a disposable razor would help … ended up shaving them off completely and refused to leave the house for weeks!

  17. A bikini wax is embarrassing enough, but when a young guy walks in .. well .. I tried to just zone out, but failed.

  18. many years ago my partner thought he would shave his private parts, not sure on how to do it he went and remove his bum hairs as well and said he would never do it again as it felt like he was sitting on prickles for weeks while the hair grew back lol

  19. I have hairs on my chin and I try to pull them out daily with tweezers. sometimes I get my holes infected, and large bumps appear, red and swollen I still think that they look better than a hairy chin. makes me think of the wicked witch in nursery rhymes who always had moles and hairs on their faces. Yuck I hate them.

  20. We were on a small cruiser on the Hawkesbury River and I was shaving my legs sitting on the landing platform when the boat accelerated and I slipped in the water. I also lost the razor.

  21. Rushing for a big date, thought I would save time by putting on all the wax first (legs, underarm, bikini) then stripping it all off hence reducing the handling of wax and strips. Unfortunately wax sticks to wax, underarms got stuck when I reached down, getting a fright, I lost balance and stuck my leg to the carpet and then the door bell rang. Grabbing my fluffy pink towel, I wrapped it around myself only to realise as I open the door to my date that I am now stuck in the towel. Massive apologies to my date as I bolt back the bathroom only to discover that I looked like I had been tar and feathered by a pink duck!

  22. Watching my sisters shave and pluck I was interested and at 12 thought I wanted to be grown up like them! Not knowing to lather up my legs I proceeded to dry shave them. I still have scars on my legs and my mothers face of total horror etched in my brain:(

  23. I had a upper lip wax the same day as I had a date. My lip was so red puffy and sore. When he kissed me hello his stumble hurt, the Indian curry burnt my lip, I couldn’t even give him a kiss good night. The next day it was red raw and hurt for days .

  24. Being a bit of an old fashioned type I still shave my legs but as a warning to others best to wear your glasses for this process or like me you think you are done go out for the night only to realise later that you missed a patch which unfortunately was very noticeable!

  25. I decided to get a leg wax but I was really nervous about it as I had never had one and was worried about the pain it might cause.

    My girlfriend offered to have a leg wax first and suggested I watch to see how easy/simple/painless it was and to help me mentally prepare for my own wax. So she had I wax and because she was a close friend she jokingly yelled in pain when the first strip was removed. I was so uptight, nervous and (frankly) scared I fainted.

    Outcome is, that even though I understand that she was joking, 10 years later I still haven’t managed to have a wax.

  26. i had some hair removal cream and I must have had some on my hand and wiped my face there was a chemical burn that showed for ages hurt like hell- everyone asked what I had done to my face,

    my daughter’s friends at school thought they would “help” her do her eyebrows…. one was half removed and had to be penciled in before school for ages poor kid…

  27. .
    I know you must be dying to read my embarrassing hair removal mishap, but thankfully there’s no trace of it left thanks to the DuoPro. And no more hairy misadventures for the future either!

  28. My first time waxing my bikini line I didn’t realize how taut you had to hold your skin. So I quickly rushed the hair removal so I could meet my friends at the beach. After a few tears and a bit of swearing I finished my waxing, quickly changed and headed to the beach. Upon arrival I striped off and headed into the water with my friends, who happened to have some cute guys along. I was unsure why everyone was staring at my crotch area, so I looked down and saw huge purple bruising spreading out like poison ivy rash. One cute guy asked if it was a birthmark never been soo embarrassed in all my life

  29. In a the dark..reached for my hair styling gel…turned out i had put in hair removal creme by mistake! Soon learnt funky, flicky, flirty, fun, sassy short hair definately suits me!

  30. Before a summer holiday with some friends on the Sunshine Coast, I decided to wax my legs at home. I overheated the wax and didn’t test it before I put it on my legs. Spent most of my holiday with a great big bandage on my leg not looking the slightest bit as hot as I had hoped!

  31. My cat demonstrates dominance, impulsiveness and neurotic behaviour. Traits shared with wild cats proving the saying “You don’t own a cat, a cat owns you!” While waxing my legs my cat came to investigate sticking his paws on a wax strip. Needless to say the house was a disaster zone and I had friends coming to dinner in under an hour!

  32. my first time ever having a brazilian and I literally farted in the girl’s face omg it haunts me to this day and I have never been back for a wax ever anywhere so I could certainly use this beauty 🙁

  33. With new lines everyday and strays hairs that pop up the Homedics Duo Pro is the answer to not just keeping them at bay but avoiding those horrid salons that are as discreet as acne

  34. Trying to be economical, I cut /shaved my son’s hair, giving an unintentional mohawk, and my
    in-laws despairing stares!

  35. Wax and the down below regions – first time doing it and wax was everywhere!!!! It hurt like crazy and took years to work out all the wonderful directions hair grows so now I can do with with no problems!

  36. Had to model a bikini so decided to wax myself I didn’t hold skin when pulling and left the blackest blood blister

  37. I went for a bikini wax and asked for a little more than usual, but not everything. Something must have gotten lost in translation as I ended up with a Brazilian wax that had me jumping off the table in pain. The only reason I stayed in there was the thought of being all lop-sided. When I got out my Grandma asked me what was wrong as I was walking funny – we still laugh about it now!

  38. ~ With Italian background, I’ve been dealing with
    hair removal for many a year and I’m over the pain
    and being sick with fear when the woman with
    the hot wax tub comes near so B&L, please know if
    you send the Homedics Duo Pro here, I’ll be grinning
    from ear to ear!! ~

    PS – I’m a subscriber to B&L club too…love it

  39. Doin a little maintenance with a glass or two of chardy one tragic Friday night I applied the hair removal cream to my face and promptly dosed off! Needless to say I was left with bright red burns everywhere you remove hair from your face.

  40. Not one of my best moments and I should have known better when I found a do-it-yourself bikini wax kit in the pet food aisle at the supermarket. What could possibly go wrong?
    Locked myself in the bathroom at my boyfriend’s apartment and got naked! I decided to make sure I got ‘everything’ off and attached all the wax strips. I tried to rip the first strip but it wouldn’t budge. It was so painful and I had use brute force to pull it off… when I eventually go one of the strips off, it had also pulled off the top layer of skin, so I was starting to bleed!!
    I started to panic and eventually had to have my boyfriend come in and help remove the strips and I screamed and cried my way through the ordeal. The following day my bikini area was covered in massive ugly purple bruise and a big angry scab. Wasn’t the porn star look I was going for!

  41. My BFF was doing my bikini wax when her dad and his friend walked in.. I learnt quickly to go it alone, at home in the bathroom with the door locked.

  42. Most embarrassing? I was going out where I wanted to look ‘put together’ so organised my clothes properly, did my hair and make-up carefully and also gave my brows a bit of a pluck – you know, just to make sure they were perfectly tidied and there wasn’t any ugly strays. Anyhow, on coming back home I saw my face in the mirror and realised my skin under my eyebrows was all red and it was from giving myself a ‘quick pluck’ just before I’d left earlier on! Oh no! I just had to hope that they thought it was pink eyeshadow (albeit badly applied!). Eeeek! This was definitely my most embarrassing hair removal incident!

  43. Being young and inexperienced I decided to give myself an at home brazilian wax. Little did I know that the wax was too hot and didn’t even bother testing it. I spread the hot wax and started to feel my skin burn. Thinking it was normal I ripped the strip off and my skin came off with it. My whole family heard me screaming in pain and my mum had to come and give me an ice pack to put down there. I was embarrassed to say the least!

  44. My most embarrassing experience was when I decided to get a brazilian wax and didn’t realise that my period had just come in the middle of the session. Lets just say I said sorry about a million times, ran out of there as fast as I could and never went back!

  45. Hours before my 30th birthday I had booked in to pamper myself with a little eye brow wax and tint. My usual waxer was not available to opted for another. The result I discovered when getting into the full sunshine and review mirror of my car was the most embarrassing, disappointing and blood boiling job as she had completely destroyed my natural arch, left half the wax on my eyes and basically done a non acceptable job.
    I started tweezing after that as lost confidence on others.

  46. I used a hair removal cream on my upper lip which removed the hair and left a nasty red rash that took over a week to repair. Nice look!

  47. I had my first (and only) bikini and leg wax in a very elegant salon. I was not in the best mood as I began, since my boyfriend had given me a voucher for it as my Christmas present. It won’t surprise you to know he was my ex before I’d booked in to use the voucher. Anyway… I’m not good with pain. I screamed and swore so much that I think every customer in the salon heard me – and I was using words I didn’t even know I knew. I was politely invited never to return. The years since have been a fruitless search for a painless alternative to shaving….

  48. Being caught at 6 years of age with my sister and cousin in the bathroom, our faces all lathered up (with shampoo) – electric shaver in hand …when mum burst through the bathroom door demanding to know what we were doing, we explained dad had said many times if you don’t get rid of the whiskers on your chin it turns into sandpaper – not wanting that happen to us we thought we’d better have a quick shave….

  49. Having a horrible and large mass of ingrown hairs from shaving! Not the most attractive look for a romantic getaway weekend!

  50. When I tried a depilatory cream for the first time, It wasn’t even on my legs for 1 minute and I had the most awful burning sensation, I washed it off as quick as a flash, my legs where red raw for weeks!
    I couldn’t show my legs in the middle of a heat wave, 40 degree weather and wearing leggings with my dresses to hide ;(

  51. After a few too many drinks my cousin and I decided to wax our legs whilst visiting my Nonna. She must have wondered where all of the screaming was coming from because she ran into the bathroom with a cricket bat to see me and my cousin lying in the spa in fits of laughter (and pain!)

  52. As a teen, I wasn’t allowed to shave so used to sneak into mum and dad’s ensuite and use mum’s razor. I had swimming at school so thought I would try out a bikini line trim, when my dad walked in. Mortifying!!

  53. The night before I had a laparoscopy, I remembered I hadn’t waxed so I did so in a mad rush but didn’t do it properly, pulling the wax away from the skin at the wrong angle. The result was ugly horrible bikini line bruising for the surgeon and medical staff to see!!

  54. i remember when one of my daughters tried shaving her legs, all I heard was her screaming . she had taken off a strip of skin from her knee to her ankle her leg was bandaged for about a week and half she was to embarrassed to tell her friends what had really happened

  55. My most embarrassing hair removal experience…..when I was sitting in a car as a passenger waiting on someone I had my leg up and I was plucking the hairs out with my fingers in desperation as I had forgotten to shave!!!!

  56. My first go at removing hair from face, ha – the brand I first tried smelt like burnt hair to start with, couldn’t stand it, never used that brand again, & the next day one area had a rash & the other side still had the hair, as I’d removed it too soon due to the awful smell!!,

  57. I went for a Brazillian, the beautician was concerned about some ingrowns and determined I needed a facial… But for down there.

    Super awkward!

    It worked though. I guess a facial is dual purpose just like the Homedics Duo Pro.

  58. I have never used an Duo Pro that you can do at home in your own time and no appointments trying to get into a beautician it would be nice not worrying how old you are going into get legs extra done and wondering if the staff think your to old to be there

  59. The only time I have been to a salon was to have my eyebrows waxed and then thought, I could do this myself with all those products that are on the market to do your own. My daughter agreed and said “yes, we can do it to each other.”

    Bought the eyebrow strips, applied the wax and the daughter pulled it off and I was left with one of those bridges that open in the middle. It was horrible. I spent months having to try and colour in the middle lost section. It was very noticeable and people would make comments.

    My daughter decided she didn’t want me to do hers so she returned to the salon. I hate to wait over a year before I could go back.

  60. my friend was training to be a beautician and asked me to come and get some waxing done for her assessment, I thought great free waxing and we are best friends so all good. Didn’t realise she wasn’t quite as good as I thought she was didn’t pull my skin enough ended up with hair still there and the biggest sorest bruise I have ever seen needless to say I was walking funny for a week and haven’t let her touch me since!

  61. I would really love to rid myself of hair,
    and at home without a single care.
    Saving money and totally pain free,
    This is the perfect Mothers Day present for me.

  62. I would love to have the pleasure of winning this Homedics Duo Pro Hair reduction and skin rejuvenation system.My most embarrasing attempt at hair removal in the bikini line, landed me in having to see a surgeon because I had managed to have quite a few ingrown hairs that got infected. It came up in a huge boil like lump that had the worst smell when it broke. That happened every day. So I had to wear pads in the groin. Doing that was a mean feat in it’s self. Anyway I had to have it cut opened and cleaned out. So embarrassing at 18 years of age. I have been scared of it happening again. So this Homedics Duo Pro hair rejuvenation system would be great. Cheers

  63. so need this am desperate to loose the hair and the embarrassment that goes with it.. my daughter has dark hair too and her “friends” once helped her out by plucking her eye brows… I covered it up for a few weeks with eyebrow pencil… poor kid so embarrassed,,, she once got a epilator stuck on her leg… she needs something user friendly to help with this

  64. I went into my salon for a brazillian after working on a hot summers day, as i rolled over onto my stomach so the beautician could do her thaaaang, she coughed awkwardly, and told me i had a couple of loose strands of (head) hair, plus a big bunch of clothing fluff stuck in my bum crack, THEN she (reluctantly) removed it!
    As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, when i got home to check out my new looking bits, i realised due to the humid day i had experienced, a few sweat pimples had formed on my bum cheeks – that poor beautician must think i have the worlds worst hygiene, haven’t been back since due to the shame of it all!

  65. As a beautician commenced to give me a Brazilian I jokingly said to her “This is the most action I’ve had in a while!” Needless to say, she did not have a sense of humour…

  66. This was awful I had attempted to wax my upper lip before going to school with my Mum’s hot wax ended up I burnt my upper lip so badly I had virtually no skin left just oozing skin , never the less I had to go to school bright red and no skin I was made such fun of I will NEVER forget !!

  67. After having my 3rd child I thought I would spice up our love life with a Brazilian. I didn’t know to shorten the hair first!! Ouch!! managed to get 3/4 the way through before my back gave out. Lying on the floor I could reach the baby oil out and pour it all over to remove the wax. I dragged myself into the shower and in severe pain rinsed what I could. Explaining to my partner why he had to cook dinner after a hard day in between his belly laughing and tears he said it’s the thought that counts. Then I told him the bathroom looked like an oily hairy snake had slid through… lucky for his great humour.

  68. My most embarrassing moment was really a near miss. I’d just returned to Australia after living in the UK. In the UK ‘pants’ are your knickers so when I went for a leg wax & the beautician told me to remove my ‘pants’ I almost died!!!!!

  69. I so need this, being teased as a child for having excess hair, this would be the best way to tame it now and be most affordable

  70. Stupidly a self hot wax brazillian. First time with wax ‘down there’ & to put it in the eloquent terms my husband spat out through his fits of giggles and tears of laughter, ‘I glued my clam shut’. And I can not think of a suitably lady like word to use here, describing the process of ‘opening’ my little girl up again!!!!! Please, no laughing…….the thought mortifies me 🙁

  71. It was a warm winter day so I decided to shave the hair on my legs which I let grow throughout a lot of winter, so I could wear a summery dress. I only had one razor left and it was blunt. Of course, I cut my legs. Ouch! Not a nice look to match my pretty dress and I had to go out soon. Then, all of a sudden while I was still shaving I saw out of the corner of my eye a really big spider. It was crawling closer and closer towards me. My arachnophobia took over. I yelled out for my dad to come kill the spider, dropping the razor on the floor and running to my bedroom. I was running late. A quick glance in the mirror and I was off. Throughout the day I noticed some people were looking funnily at me, but I made nothing of it until later on. On the way home, waiting at the bus stop a few guys were laughing until one of them finally said to me, ‘you’ve got hairy legs for a girl’. I quickly looked at my legs and I was flooded with embarrassment. I could feel my face getting so red. The spider earlier on consumed my mind so much that I forgot to finish shaving my legs or even look at my legs. They were only half shaven and I looked ridiculous, also with the nicks and cuts from my razor. I got off that bus so fast, cringing.

  72. I decided it was time to start removing hair from my upper lip and to save embarrassment I’d do it myself at home… I ended up with a big red moustashe from my skin reacting badly which I couldn’t cover with makeup because it was too sore! Now that’s what i call embarrassing!

  73. The worst and most embarassing time of hair removal was when I tried to wax my bikini line and ended up burning myself because the wax was to hot. walking after that was awful because my groin was so sore.

  74. I mistakenly allowed my niece to wax my eyebrows, when she started panicking I new something was wrong and she didn’t know how to fix it. She had turned my eyebrows into big triangles and looked terrible, I had to get someone else to fix them, very embarrassing

  75. You had me at “Duo”! Anything ‘Two for One’
    is a WINNER in my opinion, especially when the deal involves hair reduction and skin rejuvination. HIT me Homedics!

  76. This would be the ideal way to remove hair without the unnecessary pain. It would be a luxurious treat to use the homedics duo pro.

  77. Home disc Duo Pro – genius! Everything I need! I’m getting older and don’t want to be one of those ‘old women’ with hair and lines everywhere who doesn’t notice! My husband has just lost his job so I can’t afford treatments or to buy this and I would love to win this. It would give me such a lift to use the Duo Pro and see the results!! Every time!!

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