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You’d be hard pressed to find a girl who didn’t want to know the secrets to an ‘I woke up like this’ look. Natural, effortless style, all achieved with minimal time spent in front of the mirror… could it really be true? With Schwarzkopf Professionals OSIS+ Glamination, the answer is yes!

While conventional styling ranges tend to focus on texture and strong hold, too often this results in over-styled looks. Women today seek fabulous hair that is understated and authentic, messy yet elegant, looks made all the more covetable by style stars such as Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, as well as countless fashion week shows.

Extending Schwarzkopf Professional’s highly acclaimed OSIS+ product line, OSIS+ Glamination is the first female styling range infused with liquid minerals. This unique formula provides exceptionally weightless, lustrous shine, as well as strong styling performance and touchable softness. The result is naturally gorgeous, undone looks, with a lasting hold you can barely feel.

The OSIS+ Glamination range covers the most important female styling needs: volume, smoothness, hold and shine. The three products: prime prep spray, plumping shine mousse, and strong glossy holdspray, are versatile and high-performing, offering a styling solution for everything from braids to buns, or even if you just want to let your hair down.

osis mousse

OSIS+ Glamination Prime Prep Spray

A lightweight, multi-talented detangled and bodyfier, finishing any look with wonderful shine. This staple product enhances hair texture and extends the life of hairstyles.

OSIS+ Glamination Plumping Shine Mousse

A cloud-like, creamy mousse for lasting volume and body, without leaving hair crispy and overburdened. Suitable for all hair types, this mousse adds body and grip to styles.

OSIS+ Glamination Strong Glossy Hairspray

Offering a strong, dry finish without the velvety feeling, this is the product you need when you need a style to simply stay put, wherever you go.

RRP:               $28.95

Stockists:        1800 251 887

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