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Adore Beauty is Australia’s leading online skincare, make-up and haircare e-tailer with over 150 brands, including Benefit Cosmetics.

We have 3 x Benefit They’re Real! Sexy on the Run Kits to give away to 3 lucky Beauty and Lace readers.

The kit includes: they’re real! mascara mini in beyond black, they’re real! mascara mini in beyond brown, they’re real! push-up liner mini in beyond black and they’re real! remover mini.


To enter, just leave a comment below telling us what is your beauty tip for when you’re on the run?

Competition closes 13/11/15 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

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119 thoughts on “Win with Adore Beauty and Benefit Cosmetics

  1. Spring clean your bathroom so products that you don’t use every day are out of arm’s reach, then organise your go-tos in logical order. The amount of time I used to spend hunting for my mascara, eye cream or concealer!

  2. Mascara is my top beauty tip for on the run, if you haven’t got time for a full face of makeup just use your mascara to brighten and open your eyes. It can make a huge difference and is especially good to help make you look more awake!!!

  3. Always carry a tiny pot of coconut oil – a great instant gloss; the perfect highlighter for cheekbones and at the end of the night when it all gets too much it’s the best make up remover in the world!

  4. My beauty on the run tip is moisturiser, mascara and vaseline.
    A moisturiser with suncream is the best idea to protect your skin, vaseline for the lips and a tiny bit to tidy up stray eyebrows, mascara to lengthen the eyelashes.

  5. My beauty tip on the run is to keep some spare cotton buds in a container in your handbag for those times that you need to clean up any make-up mishaps due to being out in the elements when running around.

  6. No blush? Rub some lipstick on your cheeks for some colour.
    No lippy? Pinch your cheeks to help make them look a little rosey

  7. As long as I have time to put on some deodorant, brush my teeth and a swipe of mascara I’m happy. You don’t have to be totally dolled up to look great but it certainly helps having the basics!

  8. Blush brights your whole face. With or without foundation, a bit of colour stops you looking sick or tired. Id go for a bit of powder and blush over anything! 🙂

  9. My top tip for applying makeup when in a hurry is use products that are multitasking. Like a foundation that can also be your eye concealer. And a blush that can also be an eye shadow and a lip colour and a eyeliner that can also work as a highlighter for under the eyebrows and inner corner of the eyes.

  10. My top beauty tip when on the run is to keep it simple! Keeping the Australian weather in mind, during summer i recommend you stop messing with heavy foundations and too many products. Just a simple conceal, play up the eyes – mascara, eyeliner and very basic lip routine and your good to go! 😀 Dont forget to wear sunscreen girls ! 😀

  11. keep a travel bag in your handbag with mascara, concealer and lipstick so you can apply on the go no matter how late you’re running and so that you can touch up during the day or night. Keep items like foundation and a brow brush to the front of your makeup collection so that if you have five minutes you can even up your complexion and tidy and control your brows. But best beauty tip for on the go is that despite how much or little you were able to do, you are still so very beautiful and amazing

  12. Keep it pared down and natural with mascara and brows. Skip the liner and swipe a few coats of mascara to open up and brighten your eyes. Put the look together with a strong brow game to frame your face!

  13. I always carry my favourite lip gloss, a brush and mascara in my handbag so that I can freshen myself up while on the go.

  14. My tips are always carry lip gloss to your lips looking great and a dab of hairspray on your eyebrows to keep them in shape.

  15. My top beauty tip for on the run is to ALWAYS have a spare mascara in my handbag, along with perfume, and to keep 2 of my favourite lipsticks, one on my vanity and one in my handbag. Perfect for those touch-ups when they’re needed, or if I’m in such a rush, I can always put my mascara and lipstick on in the car whilst my partner is driving.

  16. Get in a Jennifer Aniston mindset and you will forget you didn’t leave the house with a hair and makeup artist performing their magic. You will feel fabulous all day!

  17. Keep a couple of teaspoons in the freezer to reduce puffy eyes, always wear a high spf moisturiser, and put a bit of gloss or lippy on your lips as it highlights the whole face.

  18. I have done a spring clean of my make up bag and I am in need of adding some new products. So these would be wonderful and most welcomed.

  19. My beauty tip for when I’m on the run is to carry a small kit of Benefit cosmetics essentials – they’re my friends with Benefits!

  20. lipstick is great for a splash of colour even though you don’t have time to make up your face it looks like you have made an effort and are ready to go

  21. Line your eyes and curl your eyelashes at the same time. All you need to do is put the eyeliner on the eyelash curler and there you go! You’ve killed two birds with one stone.
    Here’s how –
    1. Apply a coat of liner (gel or liquid liner work best) of your choice to the base of the metal portion (the portion which sticks to your eyelid when you curl your lashes) of the eyelash curler with a brush.
    2. Curl your lashes with the eyelash curler and gently press the base of the curler against your eyelid so that the liner transfers.

  22. Eyes take Priority!
    A quick application of eyeliner and mascara, that’s only one minute!
    Then, for another 10 seconds, a quick dab of blush!

  23. I keep a concealer stick in the glovebox for touch-ups, but I also carry Maybelline FitMe foundation (comes in a stick and applies like a concealer!) in my handbag. It’s anti-shine and anti-comedogenic so I can reapply without irritating my skin. I also have a world of various lip balms in my handbag! All you really need is great skin though.

  24. Always carry a mini pack of baby wipes in your bag, always great for quick cleans and ice is never far away for instant refreshing especially for under eyes and your neck.

  25. It is great ideas to keep a emergency makeup bag in my handbag with beautiful colour red lipstick , mascara ,a little bottle perfume, hairbrush and etc. I always have perfect solution to keep my best looks every time.

  26. Always have a couple of hair elastics and bobby pins in your purse – they’ll be invaluable if you need to get your hair out of your eyes or just tidy it up, or even for a quick style change. And if you have little time to put makeup on, and no time for touch-ups, then stick to mascara and a touch of eye-liner – they’ll last all day but make you look much more put together.

  27. I put avocado oil on my face before I shower, that gives my skin a non-oily well nourished look that lasts all day. The eyes have it for beauty on the run, mascara only takes a few seconds to apply but changes your look from drab to fab in a moment.

  28. Make it simple, as simple can be nice. For a back up have some lipstick or lip gloss to give a little colour during the night. After all we are all beautiful. Natural is a good looking colour.

  29. Practice your routine over and over. In a rush I can get ready in 6 mins when I have to! Great for the morning’s I’m running late!

  30. I always carry a coloured lipgloss in my handbag so I can apply whilst driving and never leave the house without moisturising my face.

  31. Multi purpose products! Like lip and cheek stains or bronzer/eye shadow. Ans travel sized products are a life saver you can fit in your handbag.

  32. Have the cotton tips handy to tidy the eyes up, like when you blink and the mascara ends up on the top of your eye lids.

  33. Wash your face with refreshing cold water and use a good moisturizer. Apply mascara- preferably They’re real because it will stay on all day!! Use some blush/bronzer to give you a fresh look! Chuck your favourite lippy and a hand mirror in your bag if you want to add some extra colour later. And off you go 🙂

  34. A great BB cream, lipstick and a small toothbrush and paste – if you know your smile looks great everything else fits into place.

  35. We simply sometimes do not have the time to apply blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow! An all over “Colour stick” can seriously quickly perk up multiple features on your face. “For a spot of colour that takes no time at all, I love the Multiple from “Nars“. The great thing is you can apply this gorgeous product onto your cheeks, eyelids, and even lips to add a pretty shimmer in just no time at all.

  36. 3 things. Eyeliner, Mascara & a beige slightly pink lipstick. Put lipstick on lips. a Dab on each cheek, blend over cheek bones as a blush. Dab lipstick on your finger tip & run across & blend to top & bottom outer edge of each eyelid, then just line eye’s with liner & lashes with Mascara. Takes less than two minutes but gives you just enough colour to give a complete natural makeup appearance. Also in summer months, I always keep my eye liners & mascara in the fridge. Makes much easier to apply & stay on without smudging on hot days.

  37. Set your makeup in the morning with a mineral loose powder, keep a small bottle of perfume, a lipstick in a colour to go with everything, a travel brush and a pk of wet wipes in your handbag and you are ready on the run for anything

  38. I love the mascara by benefit and this would ensure that i was able to look great every day with these amazing products and I would love to own and feel more confident by using great products

  39. Being mum to littlies, my fave on the run tip is pop on some reflective concealer under eyes….for the puffy eyes and dark circles, some mascara and lip gloss. Hide the tired and brighten up, sets me up for the day and is handy when unexpected photo ops occur.

  40. On the run I just smile a lot and hope people are so dazzled they don’t notice my bathroom routine was sadly lacking that morning!

  41. Multitasking is the answer – tinted moisturiser with sunscreen – 3 tasks in one! And keeping it natural so any mistakes don’t show too badly. And finally, never ever ever doing eye makeup when moving – eyesight is too valuable to risk losing with a mascara brush or shadow applicator.

  42. I always keep a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste in my bag, so that if I have to go on to somewhere after work I’ll always have fresh smelling breathe and a sparkling smile.

  43. Strobe cream, you can use it as a eye shadow enhancer, contour and a highlighter all in one and thin out your foundation!

  44. When I’m short on time when doing makeup, I just make sure that my eyes and brows are defined so as to keep me looking fresh and awake! This involves brightening the under-eye area, filling in the brows and either adding dimension to the eyes by tight-lining or creating depth with a single neutral eyeshadow.

  45. No time for eyebrow grooming? Dab a little lip balm on them and smooth them into shape… and carry a tweezer with you for strays!

  46. I love applying make my makeup it is so much fun.

    But in the morning rush,
    I barely have time for blush.

    My quick tips are to apply a long-lasting mascara and eyeliner,
    because everything looks finer,
    with a smouldering stare.

    Benefit Benetint to stain your lips,
    then apply gloss throughout the day,
    and you will look like a breath of fresh air.

    Now that’s sexy on the run.

  47. I have just discovered dry shampoo! It’s fabulous in summer. It’s so hard to wash hair every day sometimes and the shampoo works so well.

  48. Less is more most of the time, so when on the run after moisturizing just apply mascara. For that quick finish, heat your eyeliner with a lighter for a second, let it cool and it will give you a gel like wider, softer line that is easier to smudge and will last longer. Quick and easy! The eyes have it!

  49. A little blush, lippie, liner and Mascara is all you need, you can maybe do it while you’re travelling, as long as you’re not driving! 🙂

  50. Keep a few essentials (mascara, lipstick, blush) in a smaller cosmetic bag within your makeup bag, so that you can grab it and apply on the run when in a rush!

  51. When im on the run i find using a foundation with sunscreen helps to create a fresh face and protect from the sun as well

  52. My on the run beauty tip is to apply mascara and under-eye concealer so even tired eyes look bright, beautiful and ready to go

  53. I never rush out of the house without at least doing my lashes. And i have a nice piece of lace on my vanity and i sit my mascara there so its always ready to go. And if i have alittle more time a dash of lipgloss even you can do this when you get to wear your going just make sure your gloss is in your handbag.

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