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Natural Instinct is one of Australia’s original natural skin and hair care pioneers, with over a decade’s worth of experience. What sets Natural Instinct’s skin care range apart is its commitment to being truly natural. Natural Instinct has a unique authenticity standard for crafting truly natural plant derived beauty products that are free from petrochemicals, mineral oils, PEGs, artificial fragrances, sulphates, parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, petroleum based cleansers or emulsifers, and over 400 potentially harmful ingredients. 

Natural Instinct’s face care care range is formulated with anti-aging ingredients that are rich in powerful antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids to ensure visible results whilst caring for your skin.

There are seven products in the face care range, and we have two prize packs up for grabs valued at $110 each:


Refreshing Foam Cleanser: This is for those who like some foaming action in the morning. The ingredients are designed to give you a rejuvenated and radiant appearance with a deep yet moisturising clean. Think Kakadu Plum, Goji Berry and Vitamin E. 8 hours of continuous hydrating.

Replenishing Cream Cleanser: When choosing between this and the Foam Cleanser, I tend to prefer the cream version for the cooler weather and the refreshing foam option for summer. Rosehip Oil (one of my favourite ingredients), Kakadu Plum and Ylang Ylang give a gentle cleanse while leaving your face feeling soft. 8 hours of continuous hydrating.

Hydrating Cleansing Wipes: These are so handy to have on the go, perfect for traveling and 100% biodegradable for your peace of mind. Suitable for sensitive skin with a fragrance free formula, your makeup will easily be removed and your skin left feeling clean with Rosehip Oil, Glycerin and Aloe Vera.

Invigorating Facial Scrub: When you want that deep clean feeling, try this facial scrub! Interestingly, it gets its scrub from finely ground Walnut shells. Use for that radiance boost and to get rid of those impurities.

Nourishing Moisturiser: We all need a good moisturiser and this comes with some key skin ingredients which include Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil Kakadu Plum and Vitamin E. With up to 12 hours of hydration, this product won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

Restoring Night Cream: Packaged in a luxurious tub, this rich cream contains Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil and Kakadu Plum for a deeply moisturising experience. Fine lines and dry skin will be aided with the help of this night cream.

Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil: We believe everyone should have a bottle of Rosehip Oil in their beauty cabinet and this organically certified version is a good choice. All skin types will be grateful for the anti-ageing and smoothing properties.

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As mentioned we have two prize packs to give away, each containing the above products. For your chance to win, tell us in the comments section below what most appeals to you about natural beauty products.

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– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
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192 thoughts on “Win with Natural Instinct

  1. Gosh, they sound lovely products but unfortunately some of the ingredients I can’t use as not allowed on the medication I take.
    All I can say IS NOT FAIR!!!!. Good luck to the ladies that enter this competition…….looks like a great prize 🙂

  2. I’ve had trouble with temperamental skin and reactions to products but can’t pin point ingredients. Natural skin care will hopefully give me a natural, clear skin look and beautiful glow.

  3. Natural beauty products are the best. They leave me feeling good about myself because I haven’t used terrible chemicals on my skin and also it’s better for the environment too

  4. Knowing I’m treating my skin to chemical free products makes me feel good. I want to be as healthy as possible, regarding what products go into my body and apply to my skin

  5. Natural products are so much more desirable because you know they are less harmful to your skin & hair and are less harmful to the environment.

  6. It’s my Naural Instinct to look for natural products and especially skincare after having been brought up in a generation where everything was natural.

  7. As the skin is the largest organ of the human body, and absorbs anything placed on it into the bloodstream quickly, I like to know that I’m not feeding mine with chemicals and other nasties! Natural products are always my first “instinct”! 😉

  8. Nature’s Best! when it’s Au Naturel.
    Back to basic with Natural Instinct!
    Say Hello to Truly Natural Beauty
    & Great for the Environment too!

  9. No animals get hurt for a small fee ♡
    My skin is as happy as can be ☆
    Mother Earth? well, she just smiles, smiles with glee 🙂

    They’re just my first three reasons why natural beauty products appeal to me.

  10. Natural beauty products are better for my skin because they don’t contain chemicals or other nasty ingredients that cause problems. Natural products protect the PH balance of my skin giving me a natural beauty that is noticable.

    Considering that products with chemicals are going on your face which is very close to your brain, it makes me wonder how those chemicals would affect my brain, concentration etc. The brain controls every single part of your body and if we are damaging it twice a day by absorbing chemicals, I fear it may affect us all in later life when it comes to illnesses like dementia. I love natural products because I know they are making me look great and not harming my skin or other parts of my body.

    I believe that natural beauty products are also good for the environment because there is no chemicals being washed down the drain when the products are being manufactured by the brilliant people who come up with these products.

  11. Using natural products makes me feel one with the life of the universe. Like the wholesome nourishment of this earth for all who inhabit it, nature has provided unique, fresh and beautifying treatments.

  12. I love the fact that Natural Instinct products are made with natural ingredients as we are in contact with so many bad chemicals in products everyday so this is a great change. I’m so happy to have found these wonderful products.

  13. Natural beauty products have ingredients that come from nature and are free of any harsh nasty chemicals, and this appeals most to me.

  14. Many toxic substances enter our bodies inadvertently. We are doing ourselves and our planet a service by choosing the safer and healthier, natural beauty products.

  15. mother nature has proved us with all the natural products for decade she can’t be wrong so go on start using what mother nature for perfect skin

  16. We came into this world “au naturale ” so the thought of using natural products on my skin sounds great no chemicals to give me that instant redness would be the best.

  17. Natural Instinct’s face care care range is formulated with anti-aging ingredients that are rich in powerful antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids to ensure visible results whilst caring for your skin.

    I like that it makes my skin look great, it feeds my skin and helps my skin look younger.

  18. I love that natural skincare nourishes your skin and doesn’t add to the harshness of day to day life. It’s feeding my skin from the outside in 🙂

  19. There is so much in our environment that we cant control but we can control what we put on our skin so I always opt for natural skin care – for me and for the environment.

  20. Natural is here for the taking. For thousands of years mankind has used natural resources as a source for skincare and first aid. Why compromise your body by using other products containing harmful and toxic ingredients. The Natural Instinct skincare range sounds great!

  21. that they have no added ingredients or harsh chemicals that will aggravate my sensitive acne prone skin, always hard to find a great natural product.

  22. I am into cleaner living, avoiding toxins, artificial colours and smells.
    Like Natural Instinct’s skin and hair range, I seek a purer way – saying cya to false beauty hell!

  23. Our skin is our protector and the largest organ of the body, using natural products, as opposed to synthetic chemicals, ensures that I am doing the best I can for my skin and body.

  24. Natural product have got to be easier on the environment- a big plus as far as I’m concerned. Of course gentle on the skin gets a thumbs up too!

  25. We were born natural , our skin should feel like a babies bottom, so soft,lol. The more pure and natural the product is i will use it.

  26. Nature is smarter, safer, more complex and more effective than anything us humans can come up with. Why not make use of the best available? My natural instinct is to go with a product that’s been millennia in the making.

  27. Unknown scary ingredients mess with my skin’s natural pH levels. These unspecified chemicals cause irritation and trigger allergic reactions for my poor skin.

  28. Chemicals have created wonderful things in our world, medicine, fuel, technological advances but it seems the more we study and research the more we come back to natural products. Why? Simply because with all these chemical advances they come from a natural starting point.

    Our skin breathes, what we put on our skin also affects our internal bodies. I am not surprised (but am super happy) that more businesses are recognizing that natural products are best.

    Healthier food fuels our bodies, now more natural skin products can nurture our skin. Embrace your natural skin, with all its flaws, bumps and lines as this is the NATURAL you and its better!

  29. A flawless natural look, enhances your natural features, its great that products with ingredients that come straight from the earth, nothing is better for you then ala natural ..

  30. The more natural the skincare the more likely I won’t have a bad reaction & end up looking like I’ve had a run in with bees.

  31. What I love most about natural products is knowing I’m using as little chemicals and artificial derivatives as possible!! And it’s great for the environment!!

  32. In this modern day we are absorbing chemicals into our bodies in many different ways and with Natural beauty products we can somewhat avoid the harmful effects of dangerous chemicals.

  33. My 54 year old skin is now, more than ever, more sensitive and prone to problems from breakouts, to allergies and chemical sensitivities. Natural beauty products soothe, nourish, hydrate and improve the texture and appearance of my complexion. Natural skincare is no longer a luxury or choice for me, it’s a necessity that I’ve happily embraced!

  34. Natural beauty products are important to me because they’re free of GMO’s, are not irradiated, improve biodiversity, don’t use synthetic pesticides or contaminate waterways and overall are more ethical! They also bring out my natural, sophisticated, “green” with envy beauty!

  35. With such a strong cancer rate in my family it makes sense to be careful about what chemicals I am putting in and on my body. Natural skincare makes perfect sense to me as I know its on my side and wont put me at higher risk of diseases such as cancer. Natural is Naturally the perfect choice.

  36. so fresh and pure I could eat them. Toxic, fake, full of artificial products are not getting lathered on my only integument system organ…SKIN

  37. Anything natural that works with out all those horrible chemicals leeching into our bodies is a winner for me. There are already too many chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat without rubbing more into our bodies.

  38. Most appealing to me with natural products has to be the ingredients that you put onto your skin .
    so much healthier for you and the environment .Love to win this prize try new healthy products.ladyluck

  39. Natural beauty products are free from harmful chemicals thats the
    most appealing plus point , no doubt!
    But I love them because they are gentle and caring not for only us
    but also for Mother Earth!!
    its like Beauty with no guilt attached
    as some one said, kindness makes you beautiful inside out,and thats
    why its a Natural instict of being beautiful.”

  40. What appeals to me most is that I wont be just rubbing poisonous Toxins on my skin, I also applaud the fact that these products have been made with the Environment in mind.

  41. I love natural products as they are kind to my skin. And I feel good for using them as does the environment.

  42. When I use natural beauty products I don’t have to worry about what they’re doing to my skin and also my insides. What you use on the outside affects the inside too.

  43. Absorbs into the skin, natural ingredients , no harmful chemicals allowing skin to breathe giving a luminous healthy glow.

  44. Anything that is natural with no chemicals etc will get my attention and if it contains anti-aging properties and is gentle on my skin, then its a winner for me.

  45. Why would you put chemicals on your face? Natural beauty products are not only cruelty free, but they really care about you. Natural Instinct is the perfect name , it is my natural instinct to use products that aren’t cruel to my skin or to our animal friends.

  46. The fact is, no one really knows how certain chemicals affect us over time, or how they react in our bodies in combination but using Natural Beauty Products it makes me feel safer and more secure about using beauty products on my skin.

  47. for my teenager just about everything she’s tried on her skin reacts in some way so I would love for her to try this and see if it will be as perfect for her skin as I think it will natural should be the way to go for her chemicals worry me and set off her skin

  48. As over 60% of products we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream and on to other organs, it is important that only things found in nature go onto my skin. If I require a chemistry degree to read the ingredients list, I don’t want to use it.

  49. There’s a lot of ‘natural’ products around now but Natural Instinct products particularly impress me as they are honestly truly committed to a chemical free range and their products feel great on your skin.

  50. My instincts tell me that chemicals on our skin can’t be good for us. Plant derived ingredients gives me peace of mind. Let’s get back to nature and do our skin a favour

  51. Thank fully we no longer have to put up with harmful Chemicals on our skin. We need amazing natural products like this to repair & revitalize the damage that has been done. While treating our skin with love we are also helping with the Environment & also banishing the poor treatment on Animals. My natural Instinct would love to try Natural instinct products.

  52. The thing that i love about natural products is you know exactly what you are putting yourself through, and its always a better finish, so i would love to try Natural Instinct on my face and also my daughters

  53. natural products are not just about cosmetics with a conscience, and using products made from sustainable and ethical products, but it is also about putting ingredients on your skin that are good for it.

  54. the least chemicals and nasties that i can put into my chiildren and myself, the better. I want them to live a long healthy life

  55. Using natural skincare puts my mind at ease, as I know I’m choosing the best products for my skin and the best products for the environment. Natural skincare contains none of the nasty SLS’s, parabens, petro-chemicals which can actually have an adverse affect to your skin. Natural skincare is full of nature’s goodness, which brings out the best in one’s skin.
    Thanks Beauty & Lace for the chance to win one of these amazing skincare packs from Natural Instinct.

  56. Everything about Natural skincare appeals to me . I suffer from a Chronic Pain Syndrome and take a lot of medications .Lots of these have seemed to affect my skin , drying it out enormously . I also find I am very sensitive to chemical filled creams so I always like to take the natural option

  57. Natural Beauty products are much better for my skin as I am not adding nasty chemicals to my skin and also my skin is benefitting more

  58. I am trying to be healthier and would like to cut using so many chemicals around the house and this includes the chemicals we use on our bodies I know these will be better for us and the environment

  59. I am a big fan of natural beauty products. The skin is our largest organ and the products you put on your skin go directly into your blood stream and to your organs. What most appeals to me about natural beauty products is the peace of mind knowing that I am only putting natural, skin loving ingredients on to my skin!

  60. That they’re pure!! The best way you can look after your body is being as close to mother nature as humanly possible. Your body is a temple you only get out what you put in!

  61. Our bodies are an ecosystem and we need to provide them with beautiful natural ingredients that help to sustain the quality and health through nature’s gifts. Thats what appeals to me most

  62. Rosehill oil for sure now that I know it is great for anti ageing…… I never knew this! If I don’t win I will have to buy some

  63. Rose hip oil for sure now that I know it is great for anti ageing…… I never knew this! If I don’t win I will have to buy some

  64. That I am not slathering my skin in additional chemicals and allowing it to breath so the largest organ of my body can shine

  65. It is an important to look after my beauty and take care our environment at same time. This is why I love natural beauty skincare products . It is a beautiful prize to win with Natural Instinct . I really enjoying to read these beautiful people commons Beauty and Lace website. Thank you.

  66. We hear so much about the importance of putting only the freshest organic produce into our bodies, but far less about the simple fact that what goes onto our skin ends up in our bodies as well! It is therefore vital that we use only natural beauty products. Thanks for offering this great prize!

  67. I have recently finished a course on low tox living and my eyes have been opened to the scarily toxic world we live in….the scariest part is the amount of harmful chemicals that are primary ingredients in our cosmetics and skincare!!
    What appeals to me about natural beauty products?
    The reassurance that what I am putting on my skin is actually caring for my skin the way nature intended….afterall, that is why we call it skincare isn’t it?! 🙂

  68. I love it is made from natural products and there is 400 less things I have to worry about. with anti-aging ingredients that are rich in powerful antioxidants,and vitamins. Just what this tired old face needs.

  69. I love natural products, my skin responds best to basic natural products.
    Even as a teenager with problem pimply skin I used to experiment with whatever was in the pantry or fridge and make my own natural face cleansers and masks. My Mum loved it (cleaning up after me that is… not hahaha)

  70. Natural products are kinder and less harsh on my sensitive skin and don’t contain toxic nasties.I feel good with the knowledge that natural ingredients are gentler on skin and give my skin a healthy glow.

  71. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you are looking after your skin with natural beauty products. The names of ingredients on most products is very scary to try and read nowadays! And who doesn’t love pampering themselves?!

  72. We do many unkind things to our bodies (inside and out) these days, so making changes back to natural products can only help us.

  73. Natural is the way to go
    Harmful stuff is a heavy blow
    Nature’s gifts heal and provide
    goodness applied on the outside
    On your face it will show

  74. Its difficult to find and support Australian products, but these products are a gem and are naturally beneficial for the skin. Great brand and products.

  75. What I like most about Natural Products is you know that they are not only helping your skin look great naturally but also there not hurting any animals or anything in our environment.

  76. i love natural products i have very sensitive skin and seems to react to alot of products on the market. I am only willing to try natural products now

  77. My skin reacts to a lot of chemicals, especially when I’m tired or stressed. Knowing that a skincare brand is natural and free from nasties, means I’m confident I can use it without scratchy skin and hives.

  78. mother nature has always been providing us with the prefect products its just we never realized how good they could be

  79. Anything I put on or into my body affects my health. I became super conscious of this while pregnant and breastfeeding, because of the flow on effect on my babies, and pretty much stayed that way after a major illness after childbirth. I love natural products because they are a way of looking after my health (by reducing the amount of nasty stuff in my system) and making me feel good at the same time – and as a bonus, the ones that work also make me look good! Can’t beat that trifecta – be healthy, feel good, look good.

  80. I love natural beauty products because they just make me feel like I am doing the best thing for not only my skin but my health also. I really dislike the thought of putting chemicals on my face every day, it just doesn’t feel right.

  81. Natural skin care is vital to me as do not want to putting nasty chemicals or any ingredients I don’t know the long term effects of on my face or body.

  82. Knowing what i am putting on my skin and no nasty numbers, i especially love that i know it isn’t tested on animals and even the packaging is environmentally friendly. Best of all NI works and is so affordable, no excuses not to use.

  83. Chemicals need to be made. That requires energy. Some chemicals are derived from petroleum – a resource we’re running out of. While I love smooth, soft skin, my vanity is not worth huge energy costs to the planet. Natural products, on the other hand, have less energy costs. They also smell divine, feel soft, and I can use them on my exceedingly reactive skin. With less guilt and more benefit.

  84. Natural beauty products are great because they usually have less irritating ingredients leaving your skin in better condition!

  85. Natural skin products are probably the healthiest thing that goes on my body daily. It’s great to know at least my skin is taken care of.

  86. Skincare products made from natural plant-based ingredients are gentle and soothing, perfect for all skin types and they always smell gorgeous!

  87. I love Natural skin care products because the thought of rubbing toxic chemicals all over my face and body from other skin care products, is a killer of a thought, literally! It would be so interesting to know how many medical problems you have prevented, since you made these products available to us.

  88. The more natural things I put on my skin, reduces the crap that would otherwise build up. Of course, natural is best!

  89. If you Don’t use Natural skincare products our quite thin and delicate skin can be easily affected by chemical and atmospheric irritation leading to blotchiness, redness, dehydration and irritation. It is also prone to eczema and dermatitis. Natural is best!

  90. Natural beauty products are from the source of nature so I like that there are not chemicals but natural ingredients treating the skin.

  91. Back in the day the world never understand natural beauty products, thank god we have evolved and seen the light of what nature has to offer us.

  92. For our natural environment and my conscious is right choice to use natural skincare products because natural skincare products can have benefited my long term health and my lifestyle.

  93. I love natural products and my face and body loves them too, chemicals are not good for us at all and I love that there is company’s that make natural products, having senstive skin I’m happy I can use these

  94. I love natural products because they make my skin feel beautiful, they are generally made of the finest ingredients and that makes me feel beautiful!

  95. That the largest organ on my body is not going to get lathered in chemicals and unwanted ingredients, I feel natural, fresh and energized

  96. There is so much discussion about the importance of organic food, but not so much about natural skincare. Whether eaten or applied, it all ends up in our system, so natural is best!

  97. I’m feeding my skin products which it can thrive off, and make it look, smell and feel good because they are inherently good. If you wouldn’t want it in your body, don’t put it on your skin!

  98. Natural products are great for not only what they have, but what they don’t have. They are free of chemicals, preservatives and irritants which make it great for sensitive skin and I can feel safe putting it on my face. It’s also important to remember that our skin is the largest organ on our body. Whatever we put on it gets absorbed so the more natural, the better!

  99. Only natural products seeping into my body, not chemicals making their way through my skin and doing who knows what kind of damage!

  100. What goes on your skin also goes into your body and I don’t want nasty chemicals invading me! I am also extremely passionate about animals and the environment, so knowing neither is being harmed in the quest to make me look and feel good makes me very happy.

  101. For me it is important that a product is “truly natural”. So many products
    use “natural” and “organic” but on closer inspection are anything but! As a life long greenie the beauty of our planet comes before beautifying me, if I can minimise harm to myself and other critters and plantlife and still look foxy- that is awesome!

  102. Natural products mean that not only are they good for my skin, but they are made from renewable sources so are good for the environment too

  103. I love that there are cleansing wipes in the pack. These are so important after a night on the town and if you just want to refesh whilst at the gym.

  104. With all of the toxins our skin is exposed to just through the air of day to day life in the city, I want to rest easy when I wash away the grime of the day and treat my skin to something all-natural at night!

  105. Natural Beauty products are the best for my sensitive skin. as they never irritate it. They’re rich in powerful antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids.

  106. Natural beauty products work with the skin, naturally, not against the skin, chemically. Skin is supported and naturally healthier.

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