Win The NEW Healthy Mummy Winter Cookbook and Weight Loss Plan

Introducing The Healthy Mummy Winter Cookbook and Weight Loss Plan, featuring easy to follow healthy comfort food recipes that help to avoid winter weight gain, but still enjoy the food we all crave.

The new cookbook from The Healthy Mummy is packed full of healthy comfort foods, from hearty soups to lasagne, moussaka and risotto, plus sweet snacks and desserts. Each recipe has been designed by a team of qualified nutritionists, are all breast-feeding friendly and can be made in under 30 minutes. Perfect for busy mums!


The book includes:

  • Over 60 recipes
  • A 7-day meal plan
  • Shopping list
  • Tips on weight management
  • Exercise options for when the weather is bad

The Healthy Mummy Winter Cookbook and Weight Loss Plan is available now at at a RRP of $34.95. 

We have 5 copies to give away, for your chance to win one tell us in the comments section below what your favourite winter meal is.

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145 thoughts on “Win The NEW Healthy Mummy Winter Cookbook and Weight Loss Plan

  1. Soups, stews and casseroles..
    My favorite being An Irish stew, very simple and depends entirely on using good quality veg to bring out the wonderful flavours.

  2. Seafood Bouillabaisse. Grandma used to make it when we were sick & it’s so rich in flavour. Brings back good memories of sometimes pretending to be ill so we can eat this in bed

  3. SOUP!!! I am a massive fan of soup!! I also love to eat a basic scottish dish thats similar to a stew! Winter warmers!! 🙂

  4. Anything with spice, is quite nice, Tom Yum Goong, Vietnamese Pho, if I don’t have, I will surely lose my winter mojo. 🙂

  5. Our family favourite is Tuna Mornay with mashed combined potato and pumpkiin as a side serve. As our family flavour of Tuna a little strong we add a portion of crushed pineapple to the mornay.

  6. My Sun Island Curry; my One Pot Wonder that all the family love. Easy to make, simmer all day and full of all the vegetables I want to use up out of the crisper.

  7. Anything that someone else cooks for me (for a change) after working – tastes twice as good!!!
    … Not fussy at all !!
    … Anything !!
    … even with Brussell sprouts !!!

  8. French onion soup with Gruyere toasties…reminds me of fabulous times decades ago while backpacking through Europe

  9. Home made pumpkin soup (don’t forget to add a touch of vegemite to the mix) and some sour cream on the top with crusty fresh bread. Can’t be beaten on a cold winter night

  10. My mum’s spaghetti bolognese with freshly grated parmesan and the rest of my family around the dinner table.

  11. Lasagne – you simply can’t beat it, warm and hearty and filling. Plus, a great way to get some vegies into the kids. For bonus points, there’s nearly always enough leftovers for another meal. Winner!

  12. Packaged chicken with vegetables which is made by placing thigh fillets and vegetables of choice wrapped in foil in individual serves baked in the oven for 1 hour 20 mins low heat. Warm, healthy and keeping the juices sealed while cooking.

  13. Soup, I have a load of pumpkins I’ve grown so that will be the soup of choice this winter as we make it and save some dollars YAY

  14. Mash potato with chives and lots of butter. They’re warm, creamy and good for the soul and mashing them manually releases frustrations, aggression and worries!

  15. An old classic – corned beef with peas and cauliflower loaded with cheese sauce. True comfort food with a dash of nostalgia.

  16. I like to use my pressure cooker and make a thick rich Ox-Tail Stew with dumplings in the winter to warm everyone up.

  17. Slow cooked veggie soup! I use everything and anything vegetable wise, chicken noodle soup mix and beans as well. Hearty and filling, soup is my favourite part of winter! Super easy to make, and thanks to the slow cooker because that does most of the work for me

  18. My number one meal in winter is not only delicious but I would go so far as to say food for the soul…. (infact we had it for dinner last night!) Salmon fillets with garlic, red onion, mushrooms and miso sauce….the salmon is packed full of healthy fats, the garlic and onion are great immune boosters and the miso makes the salmon melt in your mouth….deliciosa!! 🙂

  19. My fav Winter meal is Spaghetti – hands down. The pasta is so filling and with the use of winter veg it can be made quite hearty. Loooovvveee my carbs.

  20. My favourite winter meal is a roast pork dinner with lots of crunchy roast potatoes and then the next night with the leftover pork a homemade pork pie!!!
    Actually having this roast tonight to help recover and prepare for a long weekend full of kids sport as well as catch up games!!

  21. Pumpkin Soup as it’s so warming and filling yet healthy and low fat, plus I get at least 2 lunches out of it!

  22. Sticky lamb shanks with mash potato – this is definitely winter comfort food at its best. Oh and hot apple pie and ice cream for pudding.

  23. Mustard soup and warm crusty heavy bread. Mustard warms from the inside out AND clears the sinus!! I use 2 types seed and hot.

  24. Lamb shanks cooked in red wine with creamy mash potato and crisp green beans followed with rice pudding. Heaven.

  25. Shepherds Pie. It’s so tasty and filling and you can make as much or as little as you like. I always make a big tray of it as I know I’ll want to go back for more. Funny, the second helping tastes even better than the first!

  26. We love a traditional Roast Lamb with all the baked vegetable trimmings. Yumm. It is a real winter comfort food for us as a family.

  27. I have been LOVING shepherds pie with pumpkin topper rather than potato! super healthy, carb free and fantastic for the hole family. its hot and hearty and just perfect to snuggle up with while sitting my the heater!

  28. Pickled pork with white onion sauce, mash potato and fresh beans you can use the meat on sandwiches with mustard pickles.

  29. When the kids are in bed I have this cacao chocolate brownie mug cake! Oh my, 3 minutes & smothered in cream & I’m in snuggly heaven x

  30. Crumbed lamb cutlets with mash and mint jelly although the price of them these days usually means no plural to the word cutlet!

  31. Our favourite winter meal is Port an Garlic Beef with roast vegies. So easy and great for entertaining on these chilly nights! Marinade the beef eye fillet overnight, about 500g, in one piece. Then just bake in the oven (moderate), for about 40mins with your favourite roast vegies. Stand beef for 5 minutes, before carving, and make the sauce from the remaining marinade. Very tasty and great for entertaining.

  32. My Italian Grandmother’s lasagne recipe which I make. She has Alzheimers now so this delightful meal is a sentimental family favourite.

  33. Pumpkin soup, chicken pot pie –
    Lasagne & curry, I cannot lie.
    But what’s the meal that warms me most?
    I’d have to say, vegemite on toast!

  34. Paleo Pumpkin Soup with crusty warm freshly baked olive soughdough fresh from my oven. The soup has lovely Asian flavours in it from lemon grass, tumeric, ginger and kaffir lime leaves. It is simply delicious and perfect on a cold winter’s night. :o)

  35. Lasagnas. Curries with Rice. Nachos. In winter, I love anything meaty, carby and covered in cheese! Followed by a glass of red wine and some rich chocolate cake. Perfect for scaring away the winter blues. Not the best to get that summer bikini body!

  36. Shepherd’s pie made from the meat from slow cooked lamb shanks ( cooked in pepper sauce). Absolutely delicious

  37. I have to say a lovely slow cooked lamb curry with steamed rice and naan bread, my mouth is watering as I’m typing this.

  38. My favourite winter meal is beef and Guinness stew for sure,such a hardy meal not to mention it always has the family coming back for more.

  39. Without doubt beef Ragu lasagne with potatoe slices instead of pasta, it is deliciously warming and hard to have a small portion

  40. Spinach Rolls which are rice, mince and tomato paste wrapped in spinach leaves – contains 3 out of the 5 food groups and tastes great

  41. Beef slow cooked in red wine with herbs and a mirepoix base, served with buttery mash. Next meal I add carrots and parsnips to the beef and serve with rice or noodles. Any leftovers can be made into individual pot pies. Yum.

  42. Shepherd’s Pie. I grate plenty of vegetables into the mince and topped off with creamy mash potato, makes it a wholesome heart warming meal for the whole family.

  43. We like to entertain guests with a hearty roast, beef with Yorkshire puddings is the one we love most!

  44. Sweet potato & broccoli fritatta easy to cook & great to eat in front of the fire while watching favourite program

  45. Homemade Tomato and Vegetable soup with kidney beans. A hearty and filling soup that has lots of lovely vegetables that makes any meal special!

  46. My absolute favourite dish that helps warm up the tummy and kitchen during winter, is a beautiful apple pie with loads of cinnamon. 😀 Always delicious.

  47. I shove a lamb leg in the slow cooker with garlic, red wine and an Italian-inspired spice mix. Leave it for several hours then throw in some veggie for several more hours. Afterwards, it’s a one-pot ambrosia that everyone loves.

  48. In winter, It’s out with the slow cooker and I just throw in anything to make a yummy, delicious casserole whether it be lamb, beef or chicken. The only thing is, it is fattening and when you add bread to the meal, it’s calories galore.

  49. Osso bucco. Perfect to cook on the stove for hours on cold rainy days and something everyone including my 16-month-old eats!

  50. Jafels… brilliantly easy…. use anything ingredients you can find or make gourmet ones with soft cheese, Italian ham and herbs… jam the lid shut… by the time you find a plate and serviette they are ready to eat.. if you don’t want any washing up, forget the plate… use your prep board. Stand at the bench, munch, enjoy but don’t forget to wipe away the evidence from your mouth.

  51. We love beef stroganoff meatballs cooked in the slow cooker with extra sauce to cover the mashed potato YUM

  52. Baked apple and garlic pork chops with mashed potato such a great comfort food warming, delicious and so easy to prepare its a win win meal for me.

  53. Pea and Ham Soup, its warm, comforting and something the whole family can enjoy. Plus I add heaps of vegetables to it so that is healthy as well as delicious.

  54. Shephard’s Pie. My favourite I must confess but with buttery mash and greasy filling, it makes my insides ungrateful for the mess! Would love this book for healthy dinners all would like and my winter pudge to take a hike.

  55. Definitely my Beef Red Wine Casserole with Savoury Dumplings my hubby begs for this every week in winter he cant get enough

  56. Chicken pot pie, always turns out great no matter what you do and always warms your tummy and heart on any cold winter day

  57. Pea and Ham Soup, it’s really a winter only food, I really look forward to making it along with some crusty bread, mmmmm!

  58. My healthy home-made pumpkin and carrot soup has POTS of taste! It’s full of SOUPER nutrients and I’m BOWLED over by the deliciousness too!

  59. A warm and hearty mushroom and lentil soup, with grilled chicken and corn. Perfect to cuddle up to, with a blanket on a cold winter’s night.

  60. I absolutely LOVE Chilli Con Carne on a bed of brown rice, it’s healthy with turkey mince & I still get my hit of the perfect spice!

  61. Homemade soup that I make in my soup maker machine. They’re quick and easy to make. They’re very filling and healthy to eat!

  62. I love Satay Chicken on a cold winters night, enough bite in it to warm but not enough to burn my mouth……..accompanied by a cold glass of chardonnay of course

  63. Spinach Rolls which are mince, tomato paste and rice in balls wrapped in spinach leaves – tastes delicious and reheats well

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