WIN Autumn/Winter Makeup and Skincare Essentials from Napoleon Perdis!

Get your Autumn/Winter Makeup and Skincare Essentials from Napoleon Perdis.

Create soft or bold contours and highlights with the Nude U – Eyes, Cheeks and Brows Palette, pump up your pout with Mattetastic Lipstick Veronica or pamper tired skin with Balm Voyage Moisture Complex Cleanser and Makeup Remover $59.


We are giving away this Napoleon Perdis prize pack  valued at over $170.

For your chance to win, tell us in the comments section below what makeup colours you will be wearing for the Autumn / Winter months.

Competition closes 19/05/15 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

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– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
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150 thoughts on “WIN Autumn/Winter Makeup and Skincare Essentials from Napoleon Perdis!

  1. I love Autumn and these days I am more into browns, softer greens and pinks and nude on lips. I just want to look and feel perdy.

  2. colours such as brown, taupes, rust and greens are the colours i like wearing as they give my complexion a lift in the autumn /winter months.

  3. For a sultry and smooth look a bronze foundation with golden shade and soft browns for eyeshadow and light pink for lips.

  4. I will be wearing these exact colour, I love, love love them and they are exactly what I have been looking for, for my upcoming wedding. One more tick off my list, thanks Neploean Perdis and Beaty and Lace you have made my day.

  5. This Autumn I will be taking my inspiration from the beautiful changing colours of nature – warm browns & gorgeous greens, fiery oranges & flinty greys

  6. With my bronze skin tone, I’d a beautiful deep winter plum, rich chocolate and mauve, with maybe a bit of silver shimmer for special occasions, to brighten and enrich my winter style.

  7. Nepoleon Perdis is fabulous makeup. The makeup colours I will be wearing during the Autumn and Winter months will be a mix of light and dark browns, nudes, moody reds and dark smokey colours.

  8. Purple and Blue eye shadows, mauve toned lipstick and rosy earthy blush……nothing too bright but colours of warmth.

  9. I’ll be wearing purple, mauve, and pink eye shadow shades to enhance and complement my green eyes. Soft muted rose pink lips will complete my day look, and dark pink lips on a night out, seem to really work their magic on me!

  10. Im all about the red lip and berry plum lips for the winter,paired with neutral matte colours on the eyes.Thanks so much for the chance,would so love to win this.

  11. I would love to incorporate the Pantone 2015 colour into my Autumn/Winter colour palette. The shade Marsala would flatter my skin tone perfectly, a lovely shade of red brown, earthy and sophisticated!

  12. Ginger Browns with a touch of red. The Autumm colors of my youth spend in Canada with the beautiful foliage.

  13. Im a rule breaker where makeup and colour is concerned.
    My belief is that life is too short to live it muted and therefore I use all different colours all the time. Today im wearing a beautiful mermaid blue base with lilac and pink blended in for my eye look but tomorrow it will be a totally different look so when you ask what colours I will be wearing for an entire season I guess my answer has to be ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW AND MORE!!!! 😀

  14. I’ll be embracing those warm neutrals and browns. And for a pop of colour I’ll add some dusty pink to the apples of my cheeks. I love all the winter tones!!!!!

  15. Beautiful warm Autumn tones that complement my complexion. Mattetastic Lipstick Veronica is pure delight!

  16. I will be wearing all colors as I do all year I never really change for seasons I just love experimenting with makeup all year so I change my look everyday but I am keen to try the new color marsala this autumn which ive yet to try

  17. Warm plums and chestnut tones are synonymous with warm winter colours with style! Winning this prize would surely make me smile!

  18. I love the warm Earthy tones for Winter. Colours like Ochre, Brown, Taupe, Khaki. Coffee, Tan, Camel, with a lovely burnt orange colour lippie.

  19. nuturals are all that are left in my make up as my children. Have all taken turns to raid it for drawing or to eat.

  20. love the autumn colors especially since everything is turn to beautiful browns and oranges waiting for the winter months

  21. The ‘masses’ think AUTUMN – AUTUMN leaves tones..I’d dare to be different – after base beiges on my ‘palette’ face I’d introduce exciting emerald and brightly shimmery golds to banish the Wintery “blues”.

  22. The Nude U palette looks perfect for any season. Dewy, contoured makeup is perfect regardless of Autumn or Spring. Napoleon truly knows adaptable colours and shades!

  23. Warm but glamorous for me, with a hint of glitter but very subtle it should be. A palet of NAPOLEON PERDIS would make me very happy and would add that little touch of luxury!!

  24. I will be wearing a fake tan for a soft glow, rose gold on the eyelids with lengthening mascara, and berry red lips to top the look.

  25. Fuzzy fawn, warm beiges and splashes of golden chocolate. I bought a berry chestnut lipstick last month which I’m saving for the Autumn Winter months. I can’t wait for it to get cold. BRRRRRing it on!

  26. I love natural and nude earthy tones,subtle contouring and flawless skin- especially when paired with a bold burgundy lip -adds a dash of drama and colour to the dark days of Autumn and winter!

  27. This Autumn I’ll be wearing some deeper tones that still have some colour to them e.g. plum to keep some colour in my outfits!

  28. I’ll be donning the bright red lip. Hopefully to take the emphasis of my tired eyes from my newborn twins! Soft pinks and whites on my eyes to brighten them up.

  29. For work I will use undertones for contouring, subtle black winged eyeliner with either nude or soft pink lips, then an night a richer plum colour lip and smokey eye with browns rather than black

  30. Dark, blood reds, plums and chocolate browns. Pretty standard autumn/winter colours but I wait all year to wear them!

  31. Natural, naked tones, they’re warming is why. Especially when compared to the shimmery Spring/Summer pinks and corals I wear when it’s warm.

  32. warm earthy tones brown always looks good sometimes I put a plum in there and it goes well with the natural look I like

  33. I adore Autumn and winter and this makeup year I want to step out and be noticed in browns and berries makeup. It’s such a style statement and so flattering.

  34. I like to wear soft browns and nudes, with a lick of gold for sparkle. With lots of black mascara and some red lippy, it makes a big statement.

    And I never go out without bronzer in winter, adds a little bit of summer back into my skin!

  35. I always love a black liquid eyeliner but I really want to be brave and try wearing a dramatic dark red every so often – the Napoleon Mattetastic Verinica would be perfect!

  36. I’ll be rocking molten metals and 50 shades of red lipstick!

    At first thought metallic makeup might sound like a look best left at high school but I’m not talking silver lipsticks and electric blue eyeliner. A dusting of silver shadow around the eyes creates a prettier alternative to the traditional smoky eye and a great way to brighten up the doom and gloom of the colder months.

    For a more luminous look I’ll be dancing to a chocolate shade of bronze applied to the entire lid and glitter dusted on to the lips over red lipstick.

    This style is so versatile! A light dusting of silver or gold can work as subtle shimmer for daytime and to dance the night away I’ll simply increase the intensity of application.

  37. Gloomy, chilly days doesn’t mean my makeup has to be dreary or dark. I will wear peaches and pinks, taupe and some pale browns. A touch of gold for a change. With paler skin in winter, if I go dark I look ill. Light and bright but never overdone, so just a hint of colour to keep the fresh look of spring on my face.

  38. I like to work winter wardrobes with Auburn to capture the idyll scenery from the Autumn season. I’ll seductively shift into the chilly season with confidence of a red lippy

  39. I love warm, earthy tones to warm up my face in the dreary, grey Winter days. Brown, caramel, gold & bronze tones swept across my eyes, and deep wine colours pressed into my lips, is my ultimate cold weather makeup combination.

  40. I would like to try the mauves on my eyes and a soft burgundy lipstick,I love NP products they are all amazing!

  41. I am loving for autumn a warm brown/gold smokey eye with a dark berry lip. Dramatic and delightful.

  42. Well seeing as everyone else appears to be going brown this Autumn, I’m going to wear my normal neutrals with a bold pink or red lip to brighten things up.

  43. I love warm, earthy tones to warm up my face in the dreary, grey Winter days. Brown, caramel, gold & bronze tones swept across my eyes, and deep wine colours pressed into my lips, is my ultimate cold weather makeup combination, and can warm up even the most pale of Winter complexions!

  44. i will be wearing purples, dark reds and mauve colours this winter and autumn the weather may not be warm but my makeup will be

  45. More rich tones like the colours of fall. Chocolate Brown, wine red, plum, I’ll wear them all! Gorgeous dark lipsticks and festive eyeshadow shades. Cooler colours for the chilly winter days!

  46. I will be wearing earthy tones – I dont wear a lot of makeup so I like natural colours just to brighten my face a little

  47. I will be wearing what suits me, regardless of ‘trends’. A warm rose colour on the cheeks, pinky-brown on the lids, and lipstick to match.

  48. I will have brown and pink on my eyelids, and a brown tone on my lips. The pink tinge on my cheeks will be natural.

  49. As I currently have orange hair, I will be wearing deep purple-red, forest green and peach colours for autumn this year!

  50. Autumn colours remind me of warm golden tones, I love to wear natural browns, golds and ferny greens to bring out my brown eyes.

  51. This Autumn/winter months, I will let myself be inspired by nature by wearing warm earthy tones/colours & gorgeous greens for the eyes, together with light red lipstick. Bring it on!

  52. Similar colours to summer but softer tones – after all here in Queensland we don’t get the harsher winter climate or the lovely autumn colours those further south get. Warmer pinker based colours rather than too brown.

  53. Toddler height, Vegemite smears on my pants,
    Yellowish baby vom on my shoulder,
    Unidentified sticky substance matted in my hair,
    And Napoleon Perdis Nude U Pallette on my face – because even busy mums want to look ‘Napoleon Good!’

  54. I would wear warm earthy tones,plums,burgundy,deep blues,warm beige’s and browns and soft pinkish cheeks neutral lips or deep reds,purples and browns. makeup is amazing and makes us women feel good, just thinking about it excites me for the seasons coming.

  55. So the leaves have turned golden and so has my hair. Makeup colour palettes I opt for are the oranges for blush and the auburn for my blue eyes

  56. Because these seasons are usually so cold and all my warm clothes are dark I’ll be brightening things up. I’ll be wearing pops of colour, pink cheeks, red lips and some brighter colours for my eye lids.

  57. I love earthy colours like plum, taupe and bronze. I like to brighten things up with a touch of deep red for my lips.

  58. Pale skin, rose highlights. Perhaps a hint of gold, reminiscent of autumn leaves. Skin care more important than makeup essentially.

  59. I will be wearing nude colours – basically I wear makeup that doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup. If I put too much colour on my husband says I look as sexy as a pot plant!

  60. Browns, taupes and creams with a splash of mascara and nude lips….why? Because these my dear Watson are the colours of autumn! plus they are my favourite colours… 🙂

  61. For the autumn/winter season I will wear golds, beige and light browns with Nude lips, a lot of natural colours with light pink blush 🙂

  62. I will be wearing my basic black with a hint of colours like red and emerald green and purple thrown in.

  63. Normally I wear deep, rich tones like plum, dark red or brown but just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I always stick with these colours! Sometimes I like to mix it up with bright red or a shimmery bronzer to give my face a nice faux, summer glow during the cold months!

  64. Blacks, greys, taupe, browns..with sneaky glimpses of colour accents! Just like the sun peaking out from behind Autumn clouds…:)

  65. Cooler colours suit my skin complexion so I try to use autumn shades that would suit me.

    This year my eye makeup base colour will be different shades of grey accompanied with cool copper for accent colours and a few hints of plum.

    My lips are a matte nude and contour for the cheeks instead of blush.

  66. I wear warmer and richer colours like ruby, burgundy, gold and dark brown. These colours make my skin glow so that I always look radiant.

  67. I love these colours they are my favourite and they go with everything, especially in the Winter Months and I also like the browns in the eyeshadow this is an amazing range one i would love to own.

  68. I like to do a more natural look, so nude/light pink lips, very light brown eyeshadow with just a little mascara and a nice light natural blush! Oh and of course lots of moisturiser for my skin so it doesn’t dry out☺️

  69. Warm Browns and bronze with a little grey. Plus I recently discovered I can off red lipstick So I’ll be wearing that too!!!

  70. Love the warm browns but with a touch of purple &always a dark red/ burgundy lipstick to warm up the Winter blues.

  71. Browns, caramels and rusts and other subtle colours that blend into my skin tone easier. I tend to go for the more natural/barely there look as I’ve gotten older. Less is more for me

  72. ill be wearing peach sorbet eyeshadow with a hit of brown in the outer corners and a hot red Aphrodite Devine goddess lipstick to take my look from day to night!

  73. Bold colours suit me best but not so bold that I’m on an 80s soap. A dusty mauve to bring out the eyes, a little contouring here and there and to finish some mattetastic movie star glamour for the lips.

  74. I love Autumn colours and I am into browns, greens and pinks and natural or nude on lips although I do like a nice plum or chocolate for colour too

  75. Lots of warm red lipstick . For the eyes, vibrant golds, greens and purples. Winter and autumn is a time you need to feel brighter and less “beige”.

  76. Beauttiful prize that I would love to win, it would make me feel special and fantastic. Australian Brand and developed by a man. Love it.

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