Circa Home Fragrance Diffuser in Mango and Papaya (1998)

Diffusers are one of the easiest ways to add a subtle fragrance to your home without the worry of a flame, and the Circa Home range is a luxurious option.

Made in Australia, there are different fragrances to choose from and each is based on a specific year in time. The  Circa Home Fragrance Diffuser in Mango and Papaya reflects 1998, and is a blend of tropical fruit, vanilla and musk.

So what were you doing in the late 90’s? Maybe you were wearing capri pants, twisting your hair while crying over the Spice Girls split and singing karaoke…and getting prepared for the so called “Y2K bug” which was just over a year away.


Memories, both good and bad – but this scent is one that feels like summer and is a good fit for long hot days and spending time with family and friends.

Reeds are placed into an elegant glass jar filled with fragrance and when flipped every few days will keep your home beautifully scented.

RRP $39.95 / Visit Circa Home Fragrance Diffuser in Mango and Papaya to purchase or to find your nearest stockist.

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