Review: Grohush

Have you found yourself spending hours repeating ‘shhh-shhh-shhh-shush-shhhh’ to an unsettled baby for hours on end?

Yes, me too. I find myself making up rhythms or attempting to shush to the tune of a song that I love, anything to break the monotony of the shush and snuggle or the shush and pat. Those days are certainly numbered with the latest innovation from The Gro Company, Grohush.

Grohush is a handheld calming device that transmits white noise directly to your baby. The noise is at a low volume (75 decibel) so bub will hear it and be calmed but no-one else will be disturbed.

Gro-hush packaging

White Noise is becoming a popular parenting tool to calm distressed and crying babies, it’s often used to soothe them to sleep. White noise mimics the continuous sounds babies are so familiar with from their time in the womb, which can be quite reassuring. The Grohush offers a choice of three white noise sounds – ocean waves, rain falling on a tin roof and heart-beat. All of which are quite soothing sounds, even for those of us who are much longer out of the womb. The sound of rain on the roof is one of the most relaxing sounds I have ever heard – unless I’m trying to watch TV, so this is a perfect alternative.


Grohush is sleek and compact making it fantastic for travel and offering easy settling no matter where you are. This innovative little device is the perfect size to tuck into the nappy bag so you can make sure it’s on hand for everyone caring for your baby. Leave bub with dad or the grandparents and they too will have this invaluable tool to soothe your little one.

I have also found that if my little one is having lots of trouble settling I can pop him in the cot with the Grohush next to his head and it will help him drift off to sleep. I think the heart-beat is probably the most effective but all three sounds do work and all are soothing. I love the heart-beat sounds because every time I hear it I am reminded of those special times I was able to hear it through the doppler when listening to his heart.

The Grohush features include:

  • 3 soothing sounds: ocean waves, heart-beat and rain on tin roof
  • A high quality protective travel and storage case
  • A washable cover – ideal for the aftermath of the nights it gets knocked out of the cot and lands in the dustiest corner of the floor
  • Comfortable, ergonomic shape for palm hold
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries, not included
  • Tested to EN71 Standards
  • Worldwide patent protected product
  • Automatically switches itself of after 10 minutes, which is perfect when it goes into the cot



The Grohush is ideal for use when breastfeeding, to help with parent/child bonding as well as with anxiety in both the parent, or care giver, and the child.

I think this product would make a wonderful shower or new baby gift because quite often it’s the very early days that both mum and bub require a little extra help settling into their new life together.

RRP: $59.95
Available from Toys R’ Us
For more information about the Grohush and all the other fantastic Gro Company sleep solutions head over and visit them at The Gro Company.

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