How to Choose the Right Watch for your Personal Style

Are you looking for just the right watch to match your personal style? The good news is that finding the perfect watch is not as difficult as it may seem. The following tips are designed to help you find the ideal timepiece, in a style that suits your needs while capturing your own unique charm!


Establish your Price Point:

A good watch will generally cost a little more, and it’s recommended that you not try to cut corners when making any investment. Keep in mind when you’re purchasing a classic piece, like those found at Michael Hill, that the initial outlay will pay off over time. A watch is not only practical… it will become indispensable.


Allow your Watch to Complement your Unique Style:

Your watch is a mini-you! Allow it to make a statement about what you stand for without your having to utter a single word. At one time watches were designed for practicality, but today they remain useful while creating a fashion statement. Watches are colourful, sporty, dramatic, elegant, and playful but mostly they’re a reflection of you and the way you choose to spend your time.

Think of it as a Favourite Accessory:

One of this season’s most versatile fashion trends (image credit),  your watch is likely to become your favourite go-to accessory. What’s more, there’s something uniquely provocative about a watch. It is attached to your wrist, representing an extension of who you truly are: interesting and exciting!


Choose more than One Watch:

Like making friends, you can purchase new watches while keeping the old; current trends will become vintage pieces in a matter of years. Most watch styles never really go out of vogue. Mixed and matched with the latest jewellery trends, they are here to stay. If looks are coupled with value, your watch will retain its worth, becoming a cherished heirloom in the years to come!

Match your Selection with Wardrobe Basics:

Take a look at your overall wardrobe and choose a watch that compliments your unique style. If you lean toward sophisticated designs and accessories, find something that comes with one of these vintage watch straps so it would be more suited to your classic look.  If your clothing pallet is dramatic, you may want a watch that tones down your appearance while allowing the accessory to stand on its own. If you prefer gold over silver, a gold-toned watch will work with most jewellery, silver-with silver; if you wear both, you may choose to go with a duel-toned silver/gold watch and band.


Select the Watch that you Love:

A good watch is like a trusted friend, something you’ll take with you wherever you go as well as a fashion piece that you’ll want to live with for years to come. Find a watch that you can love and it will take good care of you: reflecting your personal style, matching your moods, uplifting your spirits – no matter what the weather (and life) may bring. Additional watches can reflect the passage of seasons, while the perfect watch will span the years!

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