Review: Lush Buffy Body Butter

Buffy Body Butter is just the thing for those with a tendency to scrub themselves silly. To avoid confusion, this isn’t your typical ‘body butter’ as the name suggests, but is actually a body scrub, in a handy easy-to-use bar form.

This is –thanks to the ground almonds, rice and aduki beans – wonderfully gritty and designed for utmost effectiveness. Although perhaps not overly suited for the faint hearted, the addition of moisturising cocoa butter and shea butter help to soften and protect the skin from over zealous scrubbing.

Buffy body butter LUSH 1MB

If you’re struggling for good reasons to use a scrub, consider this –

  • Helps to remove dead skin for a soft, smooth and glowing look
  • Good for circulation, particularly those pesky cellulite-loving areas (bottom, thighs, tummy!)
  • Instant skin-softener
  • Helps your moisturiser to sink in deeply

RRP – $13.95 for 90g or $24.95 for 200g

Stockists – If you have a Lush in your local shopping vicinity; you’ll certainly know about it, just follow your nose to the distinctive smell! If not, visit to purchase online

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