Fill Your Ball With DariKay Soups

Soup has come a long way since being sloshed up and packaged in a can, we mean no offence to the companies that do the latter but sometimes we’d like something a little more homely.  

Introducing to you DariKay, a more nourishing brand of soups and an excellent choice for the soup loving souls.

DariKay is packaged sans can and boasts an award winning formula. Fresh vegetables are used and each batch promises no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. If your tummy is sensitive to gluten or dairy, rest assured you won’t find any in here.



There are many scrumptious flavours to choose from, ranging from your classic pumpkin soup to a warming blend of sweet potato and lentils. If you’re feeling a little fiery, then perhaps the red curry is for you.

Clever tip – The soups can be added to pasta dishes and casseroles for a kick of extra nutritious flavour.

RRP – A single serve (365ml) $4.99 or double serve (560ml) $6.99 (prices may vary)

Stockists –  Visit for your nearest stockists

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