5 Facts You May Not Have Known About Laser Hair Removal

Whether you love or hate it, fear or trust it, laser hair removal is here to stay. Endorsed by celebrities worldwide and portrayed with a mixed notion of gratitude and loathing, there are in fact many benefits of laser hair removal including precision removal and ease of time as large areas can be treated in less than a minute.

So, with that in mind, here are five interesting facts about laser hair removal:

1.     Waves of Lasers

As you can probably guess, lasers did not just come about in one go, in fact they did so in waves; five to be precise. During the 1960’s lasers, moon rockets and everything flash captured the public’s imagination, and it was no different for scientists working on hair removal.

For the first time in history, developers started looking at hair removal not through sharpened steel, but through laser beams. The first wave began experimentation in 1969 and lasers emitted one continuous beam that was not relevant for hair removal.

Ten years later the first laser hair removal took place with the removal of in growing eyelashes and was used by a Wave 3 laser.

By 1995, upon the arrival of Wave 4 lasers, the FDA declared the first laser for hair removal cleared for approval in the United States, known as the SoftLight™ Nd:YAG.

Today, the world uses Wave 5 technology, the safest and most advanced hair removal system yet!

2.     It Attacks the Roots

Whereas measures such as waxing and plucking only serve to temporarily remove the hair itself; laser hair treatment works to eradicate the hair at its roots.

The removal works as a concentrated beam of light is aimed at the hair which is then absorbed by the pigment, damaging the follicle enough to curtail the future growth of the hair. This removal can last from several months to years.

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3.     The cost varies between individuals, but why?

This is because between individual people, the growth rates are different so the treatment in which you receive will need to be tailored to fit your needs. For instance the back hair of one man may be quite considerable whereas that of one another may be less. Therefore the time needed to treat one may be greater than another.

The same goes for women as each individual lady will have differing hormone levels which will directly affect how much hair they grow throughout their body.

4.     There are some disadvantages to laser hair removal

But they are few and may only occur in a few people. As laser hair removal from Hair Free Plus targets the skin pigmentation of the individual, people with darker skin may find it more difficult for laser hair removal to work successfully. Also, amongst a very few, they may find small amounts skin irritation around the relevant follicle.

5.     Unlike some claims, laser hair removal can actually hurt

You will find that throughout the internet, there will be a lot of claims that laser hair removal is a completely painless procedure. This however, is an untruth.

Although it is in no way extremely painful; it will feel like perhaps a rubber band popping against your skin. Besides this, some areas will hurt more than others.

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