Bejeweled 3

This past weekend I got to spend some time playing PopCap games for something different and what a blast I had.

Time just ran away with me, what was supposed to be a quick couple of round time-out became two hours lost in the jeweled world of Bejeweled 3.

Lovers of Match 3 games will not be disappointed. This classic Match 3 game is bright, vivid and packed with plenty of ways to play.

There are eight game play modes, four of which you need to unlock by playing the other game modes. This means that whatever your mood there is a Bejeweled to suit.

I like Zen, the endless game means there’s no pressure and you don’t have to rush your way through. You can watch for the perfect move and perfect your strategy without worrying about the clock. The levels still progress.

There are also Classic, Lightning and Quest modes. Quest sees you fulfilling particular missions in each level as you progress, Lightning is a timed mode that allows you to collect time bonus gems to increase your round timer. Classic is exactly what it says, an untimed mode that sees you moving up through the rounds.

bejeweled 3

As you reach a certain point of these modes you will unlock Poker, Butterflies, Ice Storm and Diamond Mine. These will add variety and excitement to your Match 3 experience, offering ways to play that are new and have your mind working in different ways.

Butterflies sees you trying to free the trapped butterflies before the spiders have a chance to eat them. Ice Storm will have you racing the pillars of ice to match gems and drop the pillars. In Diamond Mine you need to match gems to dig through the dirt and unearth buried treasure.

Poker, now that was fun. You need to match your gems in poker hands which will see you trying desperately to keep at the fore front of your mind two different sets of instructions. You aren’t just matching your colours anymore, now you need to make sure you get your hand filled too otherwise the skulls will decide your fate with the flip of a coin.

This is a game that is extremely easy to become addicted to and all lovers of Match 3 entertainment need to check this out. Compete for achievement badges and see if you can collect them all!

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